Meteo, weekend of 4th and 5th with new bad weather, cold air and snow

Meteo, weekend of 4th and 5th with new bad weather, cold air and snow
Meteo, weekend of 4th and 5th with new bad weather, cold air and snow

The weekend of December 4th and 5th begins, in these early hours of Saturday, with a short and partial respite from bad weather. However, a new perturbation is already approaching (December number 2) which, followed by cold currents of arctic origin, between the end of Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 will bring bad weather over many regions.

The deterioration of the weather will also be accompanied by a new and generalized thermal drop, which will leave us a very cold start to next week, especially in the North.

The areas most directly affected by bad weather, between the end of Saturday and Sunday, will be regions of the Northeast and those of the Center-South, with widespread rains and the return of the snow at relatively low altitudes on the alpine areas and on the Northern Apennines. This same perturbation, then, will persist in the Center-South also at the beginning of next week, with some snow up to low altitude this time on the Central Apennines.

The weather forecast for Saturday 4th December

Overall beautiful in the South, except for isolated residual rains in the morning on Southern Calabria and Northern Sicily. Clouds over the rest of Italy: light rains over Levante Ligure, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Sardinia, with snow in the Western Alps over 800-1000 meters.

In the evening scattered rains on Emilia, Romagna, the Venetian coasts, Friuli, Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, inland areas of Abruzzo, Campania, Tyrrhenian Calabria and Western Sardinia, with snow on the Alps over 600-800 meters.

Maximum temperatures falling in the North and central Tyrrhenian regions, on the other hand, on the increase in the Islands. A lot of wind on the west and Ionian seas.

The weather forecast for Sunday 5th December

Wide spells in the North-West. Clouds over the rest of Italy: during the day scattered rains on Venezie, Emilia, Romagna, Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany, South and Islands, with snow over 500-600 meters in the Eastern Alps, over 700-1000 meters in the Central and Northern Apennines.

Temperature stationary lows in the North-West, significantly increasing elsewhere; peaks growing in the North-West and a large part of the Center-South.

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