inside five corpses (three children) –

inside five corpses (three children) –
inside five corpses (three children) –

At noon on Saturday, in Senzig (south of Berlin) the police broke down the door: inside two adults and three children between 4 and 10 years, killed “with stabs and bullets”

The police of Königs Wusterhausen, a district south of Berlin, found a closed house in the town of Senzig with an exterminated family inside. Five corpses: two adults around 40 and three children aged four, eight and ten. The police had intervened for a report: whoever had called, so the police spokesman, said he had seen the lifeless bodies from the window. “The homicide team is dealing with the case,” said the spokesman, because at the moment this is how these five deaths are classified: the investigations on the spot are still ongoing, but the first news that leaked from official sources speak of fatal injuries from blade and firearm.

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