Prejudiced killed in Primavalle. He had told his story on TV –

Prejudiced killed in Primavalle. He had told his story on TV –
Prejudiced killed in Primavalle. He had told his story on TV –
from Rinaldo Frignani

Adrian Pascu, a 30-year-old Romanian, had a history of theft and drugs. was shot with three bullets to the abdomen. To find the body in front of the elevator were some condominiums at 8 on Saturday. The hypothesis that the killer used a silencer

He had just returned home. And perhaps the killer waited for him in front of the elevator knowing exactly what time he would be back. A premeditated crime, which no one noticed in the popular complex of via Francesco Maria Greco, in Primavalle. Or at least what would have been told to the police, who intervened yesterday morning, at 8, after the report of a tenant who discovered the body of Adrian Pascu, a 30-year-old Romanian convict, in the hallway of one of the buildings.

The man, who had a history of theft and drugs, was killed with three gunshots to the abdomen that exploded from close range.: investigators found three shells next to the body that will now be examined by the forensic to see if they belong to a batch of ammunition already used to commit other crimes. But also to ascertain whether the bullets were exploded with a weapon that had already appeared on the front of the city’s underworld.

I arrived in Italy and immediately in Milan, I was 13 years old, I found myself with friends who were committing crimes and I started stealing too – the young man said in 2014 in the program Siamo noi on Tv2000, the broadcaster of the Italian Bishops’ Conference -. I was first arrested in 2008, I couldn’t understand what was going on, what I was doing in there. Then I went to Potenza and Rome, where they arrested me again. In Casal del Marmo I was lucky enough to meet a priest because I didn’t even understand the language – the murder victim still said -, I finished eighth grade in prison. I was thinking about what to do next, when I went out I didn’t have a point of reference. I learned how to be a pizza chef. I went out ten months earlier and spent a period in the family home, “Borgo Amico”, with the gate open as if I had been reborn again. I managed to get back into society, the boy hoped. My mother arrived later from Tivoli – Pascu said again – I have shown people that they can trust me, I am better than before. Calmer and more cared for, I have taken my life back.

Unfortunately it was not so, so much so that the motive for the murder of Pascu remains a puzzle, who lived with some family members in via Greco, and who was allegedly hit a few hours before the discovery of the body. Hence the hypothesis, since no one would have heard the shots, that the killer may have used a silencer. A scenario that would raise the level of murder, from ordinary underworld settling of scores to something worse.

Investigators froze the murder scene all morning yesterday, keeping the news of the 30-year-old’s murder confidential, and would have begun to hear a number of people: from the Romanian’s close family members to the tenants of the building, up to some acquaintances of the victim, involved in drug rounds that in the past also brought her behind bars.

It is not clear whether Pascu was killed for a mistake between drug dealers or drug traffickers or if there were personal issues that had dragged on for some time behind those three gunshots. Also for this reason an inspection of the 30-year-old’s home would have been carried out and smartphones and other computer media used by the Romanian would have been acquired., together with the records of telephone users. The aim of the investigators is to reconstruct Pascu’s circle of acquaintances and relationships, up to Friday night, in order to narrow down the circle of people who could have to do with the murder.

In the meantime, the police are awaiting the outcome of the autopsy which has been ordered by the prosecutor. To reconstruct in particular what the 30-year-old did on Friday evening, who he met and if he had unfinished business, at home and away. And it is not excluded, given the dynamics of the ambush and as often happens in these cases, a beacon of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate. Also because, after a few legs in the last few weeks, shooting and killing has returned to Rome.

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