Milan-Salernitana, CM’s report cards: Diaz cross and delight, Kessie best in the field. Ribery too lonely | First page

Milan-Salernitana, CM’s report cards: Diaz cross and delight, Kessie best in the field. Ribery too lonely | First page
Milan-Salernitana, CM’s report cards: Diaz cross and delight, Kessie best in the field. Ribery too lonely | First page


Maignan 6: ordinary administration, the Salernitana practically never kicks on goal.

Florenzi 6.5: the best performance since wearing the Rossoneri. He pushes a lot and puts in some very interesting crosses, also careful in the defensive phase.

Tomori 6: Simy, taking advantage of his height, often overlooks him on the air game but Fikyao has the merit of never making him turn towards the door.

Romagnoli 6: he spends an afternoon all in all calm, excellent in the early action phase.

Theo Hernandez 6: some good acceleration, without ever giving the impression of wanting to determine. can and must do more. (from 15 ‘st Ballo-Touré 6: ordered both in the push phase and when called to cover his area of ​​competence)

Kessie 7: Unlock the game with a perfect spot insertion. He dominates effortlessly by relying on all his physical strength to which he also combines a renewed clarity from a technical-tactical point of view. The best of his. (from the 32 ‘st Tonali sv),

Bakayoko 6: alternates excellent readings, with several balls recovered, to other amnesia that cost him the yellow. Overall it does not look bad. (from 1 ‘st Bennacer 6,5: puts fuel in the engine, manages ball possession with personality in the second fraction)

Saelemaekers 7: he returns to scoring after long months of waiting and does so with a first-level technical gesture: left to turn on the far post.

Diaz 6: very lively, he gives the assist to Saelemaekers but then devours himself a couple of counterattacks and a sensational goal ball in the final match.

Leao 6,5: leaves Veseli and Zortea in place before drawing the assist for Kessie’s goal. Some actions alone are worth the ticket price. But he must become more cynical in front of goal. (from 1 ‘st Messias 6: lights up in flashes, Belec denies him the third consecutive goal with a super intervention on a left footed car).

Pellegri s.v: forced to change after 15 minutes for a muscle problem. Much bad luck for this young talent but also many doubts about his physical condition. (from 15 ‘pt Krunic 6,5: it exalts itself in a whole new role like that of the false nine. Send Brahim in goal with a visionary filter, enhances Belec’s reflexes with a conclusion as powerful as it is precise)

All. Pioli 6,5: his boys approach the game well and close it in the first 15 ‘. Skilful management of changes and resources.


Belec 5,5: Kessié’s shot comes out in the area and can do little. At 34 ‘he risks losing the ball by pressing Krunic. Denies the Bosnian 3-0 at the end of time. Bravo on Messias in the 70th minute and on Diaz shortly after.

Happy 5: is soft on Leao in occasion of the 1-0. The Portuguese goes at another speed. Late on Brahim Diaz who nearly doubled in split.

Ginger 6: he is the only one to remain afloat in the derelict grenade defense. Some good closure and few errors in setting.

Bogdan 5,5: Debut for him in Serie A. He loses a bloody ball in the 39th minute, but then he is good at making up for it by closing Leao ready to kick at the net. Keep fighting.

Good luck 5: ready go and go to the left. In the defensive phase, however, Leao burns him in the 1-0. The Portuguese is also impregnable for him. Slightly better in attack, it is his only grenade shot towards Maignan’s goal. He goes out due to a muscle problem at the beginning of the second half.

(from 61 ‘ In the evening 5: you don’t see much)

Schiavone 5,5: he runs, slams and steals a few balls, but the Rossoneri midfielder is on another level. Help as you can in defense.

By Tacchio 5: gives the ball to Bakayoko and Milan almost doubles. As always, the rhythms do not belong to him. Out at the beginning of the recovery.

(from 45 ‘ Chestnuts 5.5: shows up with an inaccurate left from outside, then little else)

L. Coulibaly 4.5: does not follow Kessié on the first goal, the Ivorian can kick all alone. He does not read Leao’s filter for Diaz at 2-0. It is subdued and does not get one. Bad in ball management.

Ranieri 5,5: on Kessié’s goal he is unlucky, the ball passes between his legs. Too soft in marking on Saelemaekers, the Belgian can kick at the net. At the end of time Krunic sends him to the bar before touching the 3-0. When it can it is proposed.

(from 79 ‘ Jaroszynski 4.5: shows up with a bloody turnout)

Ribery 5: he tries to orchestrate something, but he is too alone against the Milan defense. But sometimes he gets stubborn. Colantuono preserves it.

(from 61 ‘ Djuric 5.5: some spizza and nothing more. He gets a yellow for a wide arm on Romagnoli)

Simy 4,5: no air bank and many wrong supports. Not even physically worried Tomori and Romagnoli. In short, the usual score. He goes out amidst the whistles.

(al 61’ Bonazzoli 5.5: the result allows him to combine little, he does not get playable balls)

Att. Colantuono 5: the choice to trust Simy again is not convincing. The starting 4-3-2-1 does not seem to be in the ropes of his team. He constantly changes his form during the match in progress, not making it easier for his players. Going on like this is tough.

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