The twentieth event of the no green passes in Milan was a flop

The twentieth event of the no green passes in Milan was a flop
The twentieth event of the no green passes in Milan was a flop

They tried to start a procession in Piazza del Duomo but were promptly stopped and identified by the police. Dozens of no green passes stopped by police and carabinieri on the twentieth Saturday in a row of protests in a demonstration that turned out to be a flop.

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They had tried to devise a strategy to bypass law enforcement controls and try to create unauthorized marches to send the city back to havoc. But on the twentieth Saturday of the consecutive event in Milan, the no green passes that gathered flopped. And to say that they said they were ready to “unleash hell”, albeit a few minutes behind schedule. After two hours of stops, identifications and people taken away by the police, hell did not show up and the few present gradually dispersed, mingling with passers-by, with many of whom had quarrels.

The twentieth Saturday of no green pass protests in Milan was a flop

The convocation of the demonstrators was always at the usual time: 17.30 in the heavily armored Piazza del Duomo. Here, a few dozen people gathered to try to give life to the twentieth Saturday of protest in a row against the introduction of the green pass (which from Monday will be retired, apart from very few things, from the Super Green Pass). On Telegram the organizers had explained to the participants the behavior to be followed: getting confused with passers-by, buying something while keeping the receipt and keeping away from plainclothes policemen. There was an attempt to give life to the march: around 18 the demonstrators tried to organize the protest, nipped in the bud by the police who proceeded to identify most of them. Then, no other action, if not unrealistic, and little else. The flop event ended around 7pm.

Dozens of no green passes identified

As communicated by the Milan Police Headquarters, police officers have identified six people in Piazza Fontana 6 for occupying urban areas. Another, however, was fined in Piazza della Scala for not using the mask, which is also mandatory outdoors from Piazza Castello to Piazza San Babila. Of the no green passes gathered in Piazza Duomo, several dozen have been identified.

(Davide Arcuri collaborated)


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