Fake banknotes rich in bacteria: what to watch out for

For how many benefits they can bring, banknotes also hide some pitfalls that not everyone pays attention to. Here’s what they are and why they can be quite dangerous

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The money undoubtedly one of the objects we handle the most. Being able to do it without problems is an indication of good economic situation. In reality, few consider some dangers that are hidden in always being in contact with money.

the banknotes with which we find ourselves most to deal with are those from 10, 20 and 50 euros. At the same time, they can cause more problems for two fundamental reasons. What are they specifically? Let’s find out together.

Banknotes, the details that make them harmful

The first is that the three aforementioned cuts are those at greatest risk counterfeiting. To be precise the 20 and 50 pieces are the most falsified of all. The latest statistics in this regard speak for themselves: in 2020, over 65,000 counterfeit banknotes were withdrawn from the market.

Probably these data are not so new, even if in reality few stop to check the veracity of the banknotes. Another aspect that no one until recently took into consideration is that of battery that rest on banknotes.

According to a research work byOxford University a European banknote contains approx 26,000 batteries. Only with the advent of the covid this particular was brought to light and led to privilege payments with electronic means, which are now the most popular.

Returning instead to the fake money (if you want to know how to recognize it click here), fortunately it can be ascertained with a hint of foresight. There are some techniques that allow people to be able to notice it instantly.

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Taking into consideration i 20 euro, they can be recognized by touch and by some specific details. Some elements of the banknote are printed in relief and the material with which they are made has a different sound than the commercial paper. Just hear the sound by rubbing it gently.

If this is not enough to dispel doubts about it, you just have to look at it figure 20 in the lower left corner. If moving it changes color from emerald green to dark blue then we have nothing to fear. It means it is authentic.


Fake banknotes rich bacteria watch

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