another girl manages to escape

another girl manages to escape
another girl manages to escape

A 22-year-old girl was the victim of sexual violence on a train on the Milan-Varese line, another young woman was reached by the same attackers at the station but fortunately managed to escape.

Nightmare evening for two girls in their twenties last night Friday 3 December. They were victims of two rapists: the assaults took place in two different places and if one managed to escape in time, unfortunately the two managed to rape her for the other. Everything was confirmed to by the carabinieri of Venegono, in the province of Varese.

A girl attacked on the train and one in the station

From the first information reported by the military, the violence allegedly took place on a train on the Milan-Varese line yesterday evening, December 3, around 10pm. Here a 22-year-old girl was approached by two men who then raped her. Once the police were alerted on the spot, the policemen of the Polfer and the Varese Mobile Squad intervened and are now investigating sexual violence. A few minutes later the news of another attack at the Vedano Olona station: here another girl, still just over 20 years old, was approached by the attackers who tried to commit the second abuse. Fortunately, the girl managed to escape in time. It is not yet certain for the police whether they are the same rapists, but the odds are high since the two events took place within minutes and a few kilometers apart. The two girls were immediately transferred to the hospital for all necessary investigations. The police have provided a description of the two attackers, yet another confirmation that those responsible for the two attacks are the same: it is now hunting for the two men.


girl manages escape

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