it’s over? The social gesture

For weeks now there has been talk of an alleged crisis between Joel Milan e Ilaria Melis. The two met in the studio of Men and women. When the editorial team discovered a possible contact away from the cameras, the two were kicked out and continued dating outside the studios.

Their relationship went on for a while, then the rumors of the crisis, always denied by those directly involved. A social gesture of the last few hours, however, now leaves little room for the imagination. As was reported to Deianira Marzano, certain of the rupture, Joel has stopped following Ilaria.

According to the information received by the Marzano, it would also end in Noemi Baratto e Matteo Fioravanti. After the rumors of the crisis, the two had silenced everyone with photos that they portrayed Noemi at Matteo’s birthday. However, even in that circumstance, they appeared not very close and immediately after the party there Barter she returned to her Naples. The last story posted by her, then, did not go unnoticed by the fans who saw a clear reference to the former tronista:

Sometimes I think that I am so happy to be the person I am, to follow my principles, my truths and my consistency, because when you see all those masks that pretended to follow justice and abolish falsehood when it is the only thing that unites them, you feel very satisfied to be different.


social gesture

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