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First positive for the Omicron variant in South Tyrol, she is a vaccinated woman

There is the first case of positivity to the Omicron variant in South Tyrol. A woman from the Burgraviato who returned to Bolzano from South Africa in late November had tested negative for the swab tests for Coronavirus both before departure in Cape Town and upon arrival in Munich. A positive case was found on the flight. Last night the results of the sequencing, performed at the Company Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology of the autonomous province, confirmed that it is the Omicron variant. The patient, who is vaccinated, is in isolation and has mild symptoms while her only close contact, so far asymptomatic, is in quarantine. The surveillance of the circulation of new variants currently requires sequencing of all positive PCR swabs of travelers returning from risk areas, as well as when there are reports with reasons of suspicion. The Omicron variant, the health company said, showed a higher transmission speed. In many cases, the course in patients vaccinated or cured from Covid-19 is mild.

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positive Omicron variant South Tyrol vaccinated woman

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