Stefania Orlando who is the young husband Simone Gianlorenzi

Stefania Orlando who is the young husband Simone Gianlorenzi
Stefania Orlando who is the young husband Simone Gianlorenzi

Stefania Orlando is a well-known TV presenter and former contestant of Tale and Which Show. The current husband is Simone Gianlorenzi, a working musician. Here’s who is their sweet secret

Stefania Orlando is a well-known showgirl with a long career in the world of TV. He made his debut as a young man in Mediaset programs and after numerous experiences he gained popularity thanks to the Lotto alle Otto in the role of the Goddess Fortuna. In the early years of her career she was a valet with Adriana Volpe of the historic program “Let’s Bet What …?” with the great and late Fabrizio Frizzi. A few months ago she was among the most popular protagonists of Tale and Which Show, her imitation of Mina has become a cult.

Stefania Orlando’s private life is characterized by her marriage to Andrea Roncato. The two left on good terms only to clash in particular when the showgirl was at the Big Brother VIP. The present, on the other hand, is Simone Gianlorenzi. Let’s find out who Stefania Orlando’s husband is.

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Who is Simone Gianlorenzi

Born in 1976, Simone Gianlorenzi works as a musician. From an early age he started playing instruments especially the guitar, his great passion. Over the years, in addition to composing, he has become an arranger and teacher. In the world of music he is highly regarded and has collaborated with leading Italian and international artists such as Anna Oxa, Gemelli Divers and Anastacia. He currently continues his career as a musician.

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Stefania Orlando and Simone Gianlorenzi how they met

Stefania Orlando and Simone Gianlorenzi met thanks to the common passion for music. He was the guitarist of “Gli Orlandi Furiosi”, the showgirl’s musical group. They got engaged in 2008 and after eleven years (in 2019) they got married. The wedding was celebrated by the sea in front of VIP friends and relatives. Among the guests were Adriana Volpe, Manila Nazzaro and Matilde Brandi. Stefania Orlando and Simone Gianlorenzi have an age difference of 10 years that has not divided them, indeed it is a strength of their relationship. They also hide a sweet secret, the crazy love for little Margot, a Chihuahua puppy.

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Stefania Orlando young husband Simone Gianlorenzi

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