“The name with which the Democratic Party cares” – Libero Quotidiano

“The name with which the Democratic Party cares” – Libero Quotidiano
“The name with which the Democratic Party cares” – Libero Quotidiano

The center-right has a plan B. Badly that should go, that is if Silvio Berlusconi fails to get enough votes, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia have another candidate for the Quirinale. It is about Marcello Pera. philosopher, politician and academic, who has joined Forza Italia since 1994, becoming the national coordinator of the Convention for liberal reform. Behind his name, he explains a background of Affaritaliani.it signed by Alberto Maggi, there would be the Cavaliere. An application not without difficulties. The Democratic Party has already got its hands on, denying its support “because it is biased”.


The attitude of the government wing of the 5 Star Movement is different, in particular that of the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who could wink at Pera (while Berlusconi would be difficult to digest for the grillini). The Five Stars, polls in hand, fear a return to the polls in case Mario Draghi passed from Palazzo Chigi to the Colle. Green light, it seems, to Pera also from Italia Viva. It was he in 2016, together with Giuliano Urbani to found the “Free Yes” Committee for the confirmatory referendum of the Renzi-Boschi reform (later rejected by the people). For this many are ready to bet that the party of Matteo Renzi he could reciprocate by voting him as the next head of state. He was also followed by some (about twenty) of former Renzians who remained in the Democratic Party. The same goes for the deputies and senators of the Autonomy Group and the Mixed Group who could appreciate the liberal positions of the possible candidate.

The important thing – explained the same Giorgia Meloni – is that the center-right “faces this deadline compactly” and also goes together on “‘a plan B or C …”. “We – he stressed – must guarantee a President of the Republic of any extraction, better than the center-right, who enforces the rules and defends Italian sovereignty with respect to some foreign interference that certainly exists in Italy. Berlusconi certainly guarantees this criterion, but the center-right must also move compactly on a possible plane B or C “.

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Democratic Party cares Libero Quotidiano

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