“He exalts himself with Salvini and Meloni”. The delirium of Scanzi about the molester fan

“He exalts himself with Salvini and Meloni”. The delirium of Scanzi about the molester fan
“He exalts himself with Salvini and Meloni”. The delirium of Scanzi about the molester fan

Important premise: the fan who harassed the journalist on live TV Greta Beccaglia at the end of Empoli-Fiorentina it must be absolutely condemned for the cowardly act made on a woman who was doing her job. That said, the comments on the case were wasted and in some cases turned on to the point of going beyond the reality of what happened. And the comment that Andrea Scanzi has reserved for the affair. In these days after Empoli’s “crime”, the reporter of the Fact has been very active both on social media and on TV and on the radio to have his say on the gesture of the purple fan. But between a post on facebook and an intervention on the radio, Scanzi found the time to model the story on his favorite strings: the attack against the political “enemies” of reference in the red area such as Salvini e Meloni.

To understand to what extent Scanzi is blinded by the all-out political struggle, we need to start from one of his facebook post written hot after the harassment outside the Castellani: “We are talking a lot about the aggression against Greta Beccaglia. Rightly, because the issue is serious and tells all the heavy, sexist and ignorant incivility of our society. Unfortunately, however, when the herd moves and drools on social media, no one makes a distinction. Here the plans of action, and of discussion, are two. Well distinct and very different. among them “, writes Scanzi with a premise that does not bode well.

The attack on Salvini and Meloni

And in fact after a few more lines comes the thrust on Salvini and Meloni: “The” fans “. The first floor is that of the” fans “who insulted and attacked the girl. Those people there sucks and embodies the height of frustration more underdeveloped and sexist. They are uneducated and violent “men”, who certainly exalt themselves with the Salvini and Meloni slogans (or worse), who always talk about sex because they never do it and who consider women an “object”. The stadiums are full of that vomit there and not only the stadiums, but also the real world and the social networks. It’s the same people who make jokes about gays, about foreigners, about “different”. In short, from the office, without knowing anything about molester, without even knowing him, Scanzi compares that gesture to the “slogans of Salvini and Meloni.” The leader of the League and the leader of the Brothers of Italy, needless to underline it, would never, ever dream of inspiring a gesture like that of Empoli, and punctually the condemnation of what happened it came from both the Brothers of Italy and the Carroccio. But it’s not enough for Scanzi.

And so it lends itself to the sterile game of putting the cowardly gesture of a man and his (unknown) political passions on the same level. Scanzi’s attack then gets harder: “Mononeuronal rumenta. Whoever touched Greta’s butt and who insulted her must be stopped, investigated and condemned. They are vomiting people, left in the Stone Age, who are of no use nothing: when it goes well it sucks, when it goes bad it is also dangerous. On the condemnation of the gesture, as mentioned, we agree, but reading these words after the reference to Salvini and Meloni the doubt arises that Scanzi places in that “moral rubbish” not only those who groped a woman, but also those who follow Salvini and Meloni perhaps on social networks .

Scanzi’s obsession

To remove our doubts, Scanzi himself thought a few days later to the microphones of “Radio Punto Nuovo” in which he reiterated his position more explicitly: “What happened to Greta Beccaglia? – said Scanzi – I imagined that it was the classic character who is exalted by reading the posts of Salvini and Meloni. Which does not mean that all those on the right are harassers, on the contrary. Frankly, I do not imagine him as a great intellectual, who does not exalt himself as one who reads Pertini and Berlinguer. But I imagine him as someone who makes bad jokes about blacks and homosexuals “. In short, in the “Scanzian” narrative there is nothing new under the sun. We would have been surprised otherwise. Who knows if in the future he will succeed for once in keeping the hatred for Salvini and Meloni separate from the news and from the journalistic commentary. A challenge (perhaps already lost) for the new year that is about to arrive …

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