The no green pass strategy to enter Piazza Duomo in Milan despite the ban

The no green pass strategy to enter Piazza Duomo in Milan despite the ban
The no green pass strategy to enter Piazza Duomo in Milan despite the ban

On the Telegram page, a few minutes from the start of the demonstrations, the no green passes of Milan have published the plan with which they will enter Piazza Duomo, thus violating the prohibitions imposed by the authorities.

There would be a whole new strategy behind the twentieth no green pass parade expected in a few minutes today Saturday 4 December. The plan to avoid the bans in the city center and to demonstrate in Piazza Duomo in the same way was disseminated on the Telegram group No green pass Milano. Here they urge the participants to introduce themselves in large numbers: “It must be a super success. It must be the Waterloo of bad guys without uniform.”

The no green pass plan to enter Piazza Duomo

In the strategy adopted, the no green passes invite you to follow instructions written by them in black and white and which rebel against the rules imposed by the Milanese institutions. There are seven points, to the cry of “strength and courage. Milan does not fold”. The no green passes encourage you to arrive “early but not very early. Take the opportunity to look around and try to identify the bad guys without a uniform. Stay away. Also try to figure out the best direction to take, the most unguarded area”. The goal of the demonstrators will be to mix with the tourists and then show up with the mask over their mouth. And again, to avoid the police and other law enforcement agencies “it is better not to be alone but to have a partner with whom to watch each other’s backs”. Then covers and masks jump at 17.30, the fixed time of the event when the participants will unveil themselves and with whistles and telephone lights they will reach the other demonstrators. Among the latest instructions of the no green pass there is also that of “avoid physical contact but do not let yourself be belted by the guards. (…) Walk quickly, do not try to fight but avoid it”. And then they conclude: “In the procession do not wait to be belted, when the guards / demonstrators ratio becomes unfavorable, you have to disengage avoiding the engagement by entering the side streets. All together. When the procession ends quickly move away from the area. You can see each other in battle. . Peaceful as always “. In short, a plan studied in detail for the twentieth Saturday afternoon in a row that once again forced the police to line up in advance in Piazza Duomo and the shops to lower their shutters as early as 6pm, losing most of their earnings especially in view of Christmas.


green pass strategy enter Piazza Duomo Milan ban

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