lighthouse on the area of ​​the Gazometro-

lighthouse on the area of ​​the Gazometro-
lighthouse on the area of ​​the Gazometro-
from Gianluca Piacentini

The dossier on the project and the related proxies passed into the hands of the new CEO Pietro Berardi. Confidentiality agreement between the Friedkin family and Eni, owner of the land, signed in recent days

Roma Stadium, something moves. The hypothesis has long since disappeared Tor di Valle, with the revocation by the Municipality of the resolution on the public interest (there is a appeal to the Tar by Eurnova and Vitek), after the election as mayor of Roberto Gualtieri we go back to talking about areas alternative for the construction of the new home of Roma. And tonight, for Rome-Inter, Mayor Gualtieri will be at the stadium and will meet the Friedkins for the first time. At the meeting, there will also be Totti after two years (his presence in the stands dates back to 27 October 2019 for the Giallorossi match against Milan) and tonight he will attend the match and will be guest of a sponsor in the stands.

After a period of apparent calm, now the time has come for a new acceleration and some signals coming from the company go in this direction: first of all the farewell of Stefano Scalera, who will return to work at Mef from January 1st, a man who had been chosen precisely to free himself from Tor di Valle and lay the foundations for the new project. The stadium dossier and the related proxies passed into the hands of Pietro Berardi, the new Roma CEO. Then there is the question of the area. In recent days Dan e Ryan Friedkin they asked for one consultancy to Deloitte to start the new project and to make one studio on the sustainability of the plant, which must be built in an area where no massive interventions should be made on infrastructures.

For this reason in the last few hours back in fashion there’area del Gazometro, in the Ostiense area, also in light of a “non disclosure agreement”, a confidentiality pact that the Giallorossi club and Eni, owner of the land in question, have signed in recent days. This does not mean that the chosen area is certainly the one, given that other areas remain at stake, but that Rome is taking precautions to be ready when they sit down with the new mayor to decide the area.

In Trigoria, in fact, there is the awareness that in order to arrive at a rapid process, about a year and a half, for the construction of the new stadium, an essential condition is the sharing of the area with the Municipality: therefore it will not be Rome to propose the area, but we want to work on the proposals of the Municipality precisely in order not to run into hitches that could slow down the work, as happened for Tor di Valle. The match of the stadium then restarted and the Friedkins, who let Trigoria know in no way link their stay at the helm of the company to the construction of the new plant, want to close it quickly.

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