two entrepreneurs and an accountant arrested

Two 35- and 46-year-old entrepreneurs from Treviso and Noventa di Piave and a 55-year-old accountant from Lecce were arrested for being responsible for tax, corporate and bankruptcy crimes. The financial police today carried out a precautionary custody order against the three suspects, at the end of an investigation carried out by the lagoon prosecutor and conducted by the financiers of the economic and financial police unit.

The investigation has allowed us to ascertain that the group, between the provinces of Venice and Treviso and that of Lecce, would have been responsible for the issue and use of invoices for non-existent transactions, amounting to over 25 million euros, and to unlawful labor intermediation. More specifically, the investigations made it possible to collect elements according to which the suspects, including entrepreneurs active for over a decade in the sector of assembly and installation of furniture, furnishings and fixtures for offices, shops and exhibition stands, would have employed more of 400 employees systematically omitting the payment of the related contributions and withholdings.

They would have hired workers at paper companies in the name of nominees, offsetting the tax and social security debts with non-existent tax credits. The actual employment of these workers, on the other hand, would have taken place, without interruption, in companies operating on the market at particularly competitive conditions, attributable to the group’s shareholders. The fraud, carried out with the help of some professionals, including the arrested accountant, allowed the beneficiary companies to have a significant workforce at low prices with significant distorting effects of the conditions of free competition in the reference sector.

This mechanism has caused damage to the tax authorities and social security funds quantified at over 16 million euros. Furthermore, the group would have maliciously caused the bankruptcy of one of the “beneficiary” companies, distracting and dissipating approximately 3 million euros to the detriment of creditors.


entrepreneurs accountant arrested

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