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Weather, snow in Milan: up to 10 cm. Many whitewashed cities: here are which ones

Weather, snow in Milan. All confirmed

A lot is coming snow, abundant even in the plains! The latest weather update not only confirms, but even increases the dose. The new maps highlight the cities at risk starting from December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, with the more than concrete possibility of snow in the plains, even strong on most of the Valpadana.

This is what emerges from the latest data available to us in view of the first December holiday which therefore sees the possibility of frost and snow until December 9th.

As early as the next few days there will be some meridian descents (i.e. from north to south) of icy air which, arriving near the Mediterranean, will have to face the Alps and, in some way, to overcome its barrier.

The freezing air will make its entry into Italy mainly from Gate of the Bora (5/6/7 December) going to channel and extend over the Po Valley, trapped by the curtain of Alpine and Apennine mountains.

At the same time, from the Atlantic a cyclone will deepen on the Bay of Biscay (Biscay for the Spaniards), drawing humid air from the south towards the central Mediterranean and therefore Italy, which however will not be able to scratch the pre-formed cold air.

But the coup de grace will be given by a cyclonic vortex which, from the day of the Immaculate Conception, will detach itself from the Atlantic cyclone deepening on the Ligurian Sea and which, encountering in its movement from West to East the cold Padano cushion (the icy air that was previously trapped, i.e. a very cold layer close to the ground, with temperatures well below 0 ° C), could cause copious snowfalls starting from Northwest, even in the plains. Thus, a pincer maneuver would be completed with Italy caught between the freezing cold on one side and the disturbed entrance on the other.

If all this were confirmed, it is reasonable to expect a lot of precipitation which, given the very cold temperatures that will affect Italy, would be snowy to the plains whitening cities like Cuneo, Turin, Genoa (here perhaps mixed with rain), Milan, Varese, Como, Bergamo, Brescia, Pavia and Piacenza, but on the western Veneto (pay attention to Verona and Vicenza). The flakes could continue to fall until the early hours of Thursday 9, reaching accumulations of between 2/5 in Piedmont and about 5/10 cm in Lombardy and western Emilia.


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