“Omicron almost a flu, Covid is weakening”

“Omicron almost a flu, Covid is weakening”
“Omicron almost a flu, Covid is weakening”

December 04, 2021, 7:52 am

The virologist of the San Martino di Genova optimistic: “If he supplants all the variants it will be manageable”

“The new variant that has perhaps unjustly terrorized the world, has acquired a” piece “of the common cold virus. This explains why it would give milder clinical pictures, compared to the Delta, very similar to the cold”, writes on Facebook Bassetti. “Thanks to this addition of genetic material from the cold virus, Omicron is more ‘human’ and less animal than the initial SarsCoV2. This is why it more easily escapes our immune system, which does not recognize it as totally foreign.”

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According to the virologist, this should be interpreted as good news because it means that the “covid virus is spontaneously weakening, losing its initial strength to cause serious illness”. And finally, the hope, according to Bassetti, if Omicron will supplant Delta and the other variants “it will also perhaps be more contagious, but if it looks so much like a cold …” implying that it will become a much more manageable disease, also at the level of vaccines, and consequently the return to normality for the citizens would be done.


Omicron flu Covid weakening

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