Compulsory masks in Rome from today, fines for offenders not only in the Center: the map

Compulsory masks in Rome from today, fines for offenders not only in the Center: the map
Compulsory masks in Rome from today, fines for offenders not only in the Center: the map

Twenty-two roads that wind in Rome between the Trident and Prati will now become “special guarded”. The obligation of the outdoor mask is triggered, decided by the mayor Roberto Gualtieri to try to limit the proliferation of Covid in those areas where, thanks to Christmas, a greater influx of people is expected. But the list is actually much broader. Because in the deed licensed by the Capitol it is clear how the obligation must be respected in all the other shopping streets subject to potential crowds.

Obligatory masks

The cardinal principle was imposed last June by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza: even in the white area – and this is the case of Lazio and the capital – the mask must be worn in all situations marked by crowds, under penalty of high fines (ranging from 400 a thousand euros). And it is in this wake that the administration of Roma Capitale issued the ordinance, recalling precisely how in addition to the streets indicated there are all those in the city that have long been considered “shopping streets”. To be even clearer whether dangerous gatherings will be created on viale Marconi, as well as on viale Europa or in via dei Castani and via Appia Nuova – as this is also a high-density commercial street – passers-by will have to wear goggles. And that’s a bit like what traders expected. Gianni Battistoni, head of the Via Condotti association comments: “Personally, I was of the idea that the provision of the outdoor mask should be extended to the whole city”.

The traffic police will ensure the checks, the first indication will be to tell people to wear the devices where they were not used to cover the face, then going so far as to issue the fine in cases of clear and repeated violation. Game force the Center, due to the recall it has always had, will be more interested in the checks. The 22 streets of the ordinance are these: via del Corso, via di Ripetta, via del Babuino, piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, piazza San Silvestro, piazza del Parlamento, largo Chigi, largo Goldoni, piazza di Spagna, piazza del Popolo, via della Croce, via Condotti, via Borgogna and via Frattina. Then there is viale Libia and the streets of Prati: via and piazza Cola di Rienzo, via Marcantonio Colonna, via Fabio Massimo, via Ottaviano, viale Giulio Cesare and via Candia.

In the meantime, Prefect Matteo Piantedosi signed the super Green pass control plan in effect last December 6th. The checks “will also be on a sample basis – explain the Prefecture – in any case guaranteeing the maximum possible dissemination”. From the nightlife areas to those of the shops. The central node was represented by checks on public transport and then these will be carried out “mainly on the ground and mainly downhill – we still learn from Palazzo Valentini – but checks on board and on board are not excluded”. Inside the vehicles, the staff of the mobility companies – Cotral and Atac – will be able to carry out the checks similar to checking the tickets. Police and carabinieri will only get on board in cases where the check involves safety problems for the other passengers as well. A “technical” declination of the plan by the Commissioner will now be needed, but the police districts as well as the carabinieri stations will provide at least one patrol a day to check the super Green pass near the main terminus and stations.

And the same will be done by the local police for which about a hundred agents will operate, divided over 40 terminus of the city (2 or 3 for each Municipality). The only exempted to exhibit the super Green pass will be minors aged 5 to 11 for whom the vaccination campaign will start shortly while it remains to be resolved – but the government will have to intervene on this – the node on the App also used by restaurateurs who they already say: “If an update does not arrive by Monday – explains Sergio Paolantoni, director of Fipe Confcommercio – we will not be able to understand if the customer has a Green pass generated by a swab or a vaccine”.


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