Branca: “Boiled Mourinho? Not at all. I’ll tell you about the intervals in Kiev and Barcelona “

Branca: “Boiled Mourinho? Not at all. I’ll tell you about the intervals in Kiev and Barcelona “
Branca: “Boiled Mourinho? Not at all. I’ll tell you about the intervals in Kiev and Barcelona “

Thus the former Nerazzurri ds: “Mourinho? From the first meeting, immediately the perception of a stimulating, witty, never banal man”

Long interview granted by White Mark, former sporting director of Inter, to the microphones of Corriere dello Sport. The executive spoke about his relationship with Jose Mourinho, who tonight will find the Nerazzurri as opponents for the first time: «From the first meeting, immediately the perception of a stimulating, witty, never banal man».

Among the five smartest ever crossed in the world of football?

“Absolutely. The speed of thought with which he arrives at the syntheses is astonishing. To be inspiring, José needs inspiring people around him. People who say what they think and not what he would like to hear ».

“Never said he was wrong or not. I presented my point of view to him. His talent was to listen and synthesize. I got on great with him. You know the coaches, he has never been obsessive with me during the market period. Gradually we sniffed and got to know each other, until nothing was enough to understand each other ».

The greatest of all the coaches who lived between footballer and manager?

“Certainly, no doubt.”

«The speed of thought applied to a great quality. Terrible. And the ability to work. From seven in the morning he inquires about everything, about the world. He arrives at training prepared to the maximum with everything that can be used by his team ».

They did discuss some of Mou’s choices. His extreme, almost ferocious way of including and excluding.

«I am assuming that Mou has big goals. Which are not what can happen to that player rather than another. If he does or says something even very strong it is because he only has the goal in mind ».

It is the Napoleonic dogma, the result counts, the rest is “cannon fodder”.

“That’s Mourinho. He does everything scientifically. Nothing accidental. He doesn’t ask for the moon. He only claims one thing: whoever plays with him must maximize his performance, his fight for the cause. You have no alternative. With José you only exist like that. You have to do the impossible to win. Having said that, he is a pragmatic man, he never closes the door on anyone ».

One thing about Mou that few know.

«He is a coach who knows how to be very affectionate with his players, capable of great tenderness. Mou is a broad person, with a great range ».

Don’t you regret having chosen Rome? Such a humoral and noisy square.

“For nothing. I still believe it is the perfect place for him ».

Knowing him, how will he approach the match against “his” Inter?

“Nothing changes. He wants to win. There isn’t a game in which Mou doesn’t want to win spasmodically. If he wins, he is even happier ».

Will he not be misled and softened by disturbance?

“He will be fiercely focused, more than ever, to get the most out of himself and his people.”

More than one insists on describing Mourinho as Gloria Swanson, on her sunset boulevard.

«Things that happen to very successful coaches. Some time ago it was the turn of Carlo Ancelotti, who is now first in Spain. Maldictions dictated by opportunism and envy. Mourinho? They slip on him ».

Is your football not up to date?

«For me, José is very up-to-date. He is a complete coach, certainly with his strings, but capable of adapting to any context. I see him in Rome implementing schemes that we almost never did at Inter ».

«Go down to the locker room three minutes before half-time and then watch his speeches. Absolute spectacle ».

Tell us about the Barcelona-Inter interval at Camp Nou, José’s masterpiece defeat.

“That was paradoxically among the quietest. The key to the match was clear: we had to suffer and be good from a tactical point of view. Other intervals were decidedly more lively ».

An interval in which Mou overturned the game?

“Not just the game. That of Kiev against Shevchenko’s Dynamo. We won outnumbered with a goal from Sneijder two minutes from time. At half-time we were losing. Mou set off with calm tones, raising them gradually. There was this pure steel bed, about seventy kilos. His harangue over, José overturned him, shouting unrepeatable things to the team. It worked. “

“When he goes into a competitive trance, nobody stops him.”

That farewell to Inter resembling an escape, the night of the triumph. Get off in Real’s car. Someone spoke of exaggerated cynicism.

“He probably felt he wouldn’t be emotionally prepared for a break after being involved in all the treble celebrations. It would have been much more difficult. But that’s okay. There remains the enormous enterprise built together, sportingly and emotionally ».

The team. A name on all of that treble?

“I won’t say it even under torture. They were all fundamental ».

That Eto’o who agrees to slog up and down the band …

«They decided in January with Mourinho to do it … The important fact of the treble was that they won with six new starters compared to the previous year. One thing that goes beyond the rules of football. First the mentality was built, then the right insertions came ».

As a non-dreamer, a dream to one day return to work with Mourinho?

“I can’t think of the possible pleasures of a distant future. I am focused on doing well what I do today. Tomorrow will be a consequence ».

Would you go back to being a director?

«Never at Inter. When you have experienced such strong emotions you must never return, you must keep them as a precious thing “.

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