Italians ruined by the EU, here are the amounts – Libero Quotidiano

Italians ruined by the EU, here are the amounts – Libero Quotidiano
Italians ruined by the EU, here are the amounts – Libero Quotidiano

Sandro Iacometti

04 December 2021

The situation gets mixed up. While companies are grappling with energy increases already today of the order of 400% and as they prepare to face another blow in January, with estimated increases of up to 50%, the government’s strategy to save families and businesses from high bills is increasingly confused. Just a few days ago Giancarlo Giorgetti he had said that the absurd prices of electricity and gas risk sending the recovery upside down, also fearing the risk of blackouts due to lack of supplies. Yesterday the Minister of Development, perhaps after talking with Mario Draghi, he explained that to “calm the rise in the cost of energy, many resources are needed”. The result: “Sterilizing everything is impossible, we must go to the weaker groups, both of families and businesses”. In short, the prospect is to replicate the aids already put in place in the fourth quarter, with even less money available. Yes, because if in October the government pulled 3 billion out of the hat, to buffer an increase in bills of 9 billion, now available for the whole of 2022 there are only 2 billion. Plus the treasury ventilated by the premier, which yesterday, however, suddenly halved. According to what the trade unions report, and here too we must trust, Draghi would have put on the table a total of two billion for a one-off intervention on decontribution and to contain energy prices. Sums that, according to the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini, arise from a series of accounting tricks on balances and tax advances. Of these 2 billion, the CISL leader said, Luigi Barra, «The investment for the compensation fund on the bills will be 500 million». In short, the billion we were talking about a couple of days ago has already disappeared. And while the Lega, with all due respect to Giorgetti, announces a flurry of amendments to the maneuver to cut electricity and gas tariffs as much as possible and recover at least 5 billion, very little understandable news also comes from Europe, where it was held yesterday the EU Energy Council.

United and united front to avoid a surge in prices that is overwhelming half the continent? Not at all. A “non-paper” has arrived on the Brussels table (this is the name of the scandalous proposals that risk shattering the fake community harmony) signed by France, Spain, Greece, Romania and even Italy to allow member states to “Apply regulatory mechanisms, designed at EU level, and ensure that final consumers pay electricity prices that reflect the costs of the generation mix used to serve their consumption”. In addition, Brussels is asked to give itself a move on the possibility of common storage and procurement (which Draghi had also invoked some time ago). Beautiful. Too bad that another non-paper has also arrived on the same table, this time signed by Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands and, guess what, by Germany, according to which to intervene on the formation of the price of electricity, “could undermine the security of supply and the development of renewable energies”. In short, nothing is done about it. Our Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, he spent the day talking about nuclear power, research, long-term measures to revolutionize everything. Then, however, when asked about the Italian bills, he too settled on the Draghian line of the buffer.

Which is not the one to find out if you’ve caught Covid, but the commercials help to soften the blow on the bills a bit. “We are doing simulations,” Cingolani said, “but you don’t make a change forever unless you are sure that gas increases are really a structural thing. For now, let’s focus on contingency, that is, let’s mitigate the damage ». In short, while admitting that “we cannot go on to mitigate for two or three years”, even the physicist lent to politics for now can not help but align with the choice of Palazzo Chigi. While waiting for us to verify if the mega increases in methane prices are lasting or temporary, the entrepreneurs, to whom we should say thanks for the incredible race of the GDP which this year will reach 6.3%, I have been with my hands in my hair for months. Those consulted by Free they have already suffered very hard blows and say that without government intervention, the increases of up to 50% expected from next January will be difficult to sustain. Then there are also the families, on whose propensity to consume a large part of the economic trend depends. Inflation reached 3.8% in November, the highest since 2008, precisely because of energy (which is also causing the costs of industrial production to skyrocket). In a few weeks, in addition to having to pay more for everything, Italians will also have to face an overall increase in their bills that could reach 10 billion. If this continues, there will be no Pnrr to hold. The country will freeze again.

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