Mary is saved by a miracle

Mary is saved by a miracle
Mary is saved by a miracle

«I was terrified, in those moments I thought I was going to die. I managed to escape just in time out of the car, rushing under the bars of the level crossing, and a moment later there was a crash. I saw the wrecked car under the train. I still tremble at the thought, I am alive by a miracle ». Breathtaking scene on the railway Velletri-Rome, at the height of Lanuvio. Eva Maria Derezinska, 66 years old, of Polish origin, but resident for 35 in the small town of the Castles, tells of the nightmare lived in the late afternoon of the day before yesterday. It was a few minutes after 6pm. Dense darkness throughout the area, it was raining: the woman, after shopping, was driving home in her Renault Clio. Suddenly, however, the worst happened: crossing the level crossing in Via Monte Giove when the bars were still up – to avoid a car traveling in the opposite direction, he swerved to the right, ending up stuck on the iron and concrete step. overlooking the roadbed. Moments of pure horror and terror. Eva was desperate, helpless. He was trying to leave, but the car was stranded.

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At that point, after a few minutes, a convoy headed for Roma he materialized on the tracks at high speed and hit the car in full force, moving it nearly 400 meters, as she jumped back under the bars, tearfully watching the scene. A very strong impact, the car destroyed, but fortunately no one was injured even among the 15 people – two employees of the Railways and 13 passengers on board the locomotive. «It was terrible, I have been traveling that stretch for more than 30 years the miraculous miracle continues in the story and I have never had any inconveniences. But on Thursday evening a random event came into play, bad luck: I was forced to make a sharp maneuver to avoid another car, which among other things turned on the headlights at that moment, and I ended up on a platform metal, wedged. The seconds passed and I was sweating cold, I was also looking for a piece of wood to lift the wheel, I didn’t know what to do in an instant, in front of my eyes, I imagined the disaster that could happen ». Helping Eva Maria, understandably panicked, was a young driver of a van traveling behind the Clio. The boy, after trying to move the car, took the woman by the arm to take her away. “When we realized it was impossible to remove the car, I grabbed the bag from the seat and flew out. Then we contacted 115 to give the alarm hoping to still be in time, but it took us more than a few minutes to be able to speak with the operators ».

Before calling the fire brigade, the driver also tried an emergency number on a sign, which she could not read, however, due to the darkness. And a few minutes later in the town of Lanuvio the news bounced: many thought the worst, then a sigh of relief when it became known that inside the car, reduced to a tangle of metal sheets, there was no one. “For the removal of the car, Riccardo Ciofi, CISL trade unionist at the Rome fire brigade command explained yesterday morning, it was necessary for a vehicle to arrive from the loading warehouse in via Nomentana, equipped with special equipment to dissect it and being able to move it off the step, a difficult operation that lasted many hours, which required the use of shears ».


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