Not the usual fast fading flowers but this velvet-looking plant is perfect indoors

Not the usual fast fading flowers but this velvet-looking plant is perfect indoors
Not the usual fast fading flowers but this velvet-looking plant is perfect indoors

Now we are starting to count down the days until Christmas. The atmosphere in the house and on the streets is tinged with red, green, gold shades and everything seems wrapped in a halo of magic and mystery. Those who are preparing to decorate the home or are already providing the first gifts, certainly will not miss a beautiful plant among the purchases. Those who want to be original can choose valid and wonderful alternatives to the classic plants to keep alive all year round. Not the usual flowers that wither quickly but this velvet-like plant is perfect indoors and also ideal for those without a green thumb.

What to give to be original?

If someone thinks that Christmas represents only a moment of relaxation and joy, they would think again when they experience the gift crisis. Sometimes going around the streets of the center to shop can be a relaxing activity. Others, on the other hand, become a real stress if you do not have the faintest idea of ​​the possible gift to buy. Those who want to stay on a rather limited budget might find some ideas that we have provided in the article useful: “Instead of the usual scarves or socks for Christmas here are 3 original gifts under 20 euros”. For lovers of nature and greenery, the perfect gift idea could lie in the choice of a different plant than usual.

Plants represent not only an invaluable botanical heritage, but often help to make the home environment more welcoming and relaxing. This is also confirmed by some English scientific studies that define gardening as one of the activities that has extraordinary effects on the brain and body. So how to embellish spaces with flowers that seem almost fake due to their extraordinary beauty?

Not the usual fast-wilting flowers but this velvet-like plant is perfect indoors

Sometimes you try desperately to create a corner of nature at home but you don’t always have a green thumb. It will be that you are not good at placing the plant well in the house, or you adopt an incorrect irrigation. Unfortunately, sometimes, we find ourselves with a dried branch in the vase instead of the desired luxuriant flowers. A really nice and simple alternative to care for is the Hoya plant. It is a plant of Asian origin that has small cluster flowers similar to porcelain. A very nice version is the Hoya Kerrii. It has some unique heart-shaped leaves that very often decorate small jars, ideal as a gift even during the Christmas period.

The Hoya belong to the family of succulents and do not require special care other than exposure to light but not to direct sunlight. Its flowering coincides with the spring and summer period and in winter it is preferable to keep it in not too cold environments. Better to keep it in corners of the house where the temperature does not drop below 10 °. The flowers of the Hoya are really special as they seem waxy and velvety to the touch. For those who love plants, this is a type that just cannot be missing in the home for the simplicity of its care.


With this indoor plant your health will improve every day

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usual fast fading flowers velvetlooking plant perfect indoors

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