Brienza: “Rome, Mourinho against his Italian past”

“To suffer and resist, resist and suffer”: this is undoubtedly the mantra that best suits everything that gravitates around Rome at the moment, regardless of whether it is the fans or the protagonists themselves on the pitch. Attending the matches of the Giallorossi, in fact, there is too often the feeling that to rejoice you have to make twice as much effort as your opponents. The Roma of the Special One, so far, have only won 25 points in the first 15 days of the championship; in the last ten seasons of Serie A, including the current one, only in 2018/2019 he had won fewer, twenty-one, in such a period of time.
The defeats came against Milan, Lazio, Verona, Venice, Juve and, of course, Wednesday at the Dall’Ara against Bologna. Heavy setbacks, which help to move the Giallorossi away from fourth place, or which, at least, make the company more and more complicated, especially in the face of fierce competition which, currently, consists of a large group of pursuers gathered in a handkerchief of very few points. What happen? Roma are certainly not expressing good football, it’s peaceful.

But sometimes, even for those who find themselves in the position of having to pull the strings and comment on a match, it is really difficult not to dwell on individual episodes. Like the yellow card waved in front of the face of Abraham (Pairetto referee), “guilty” of having been blocked by the rossoblù Svanberg. Very few are remembered of such paradoxical situations. In the same way, how can we fail to point out the systematic sequence of fouls and rough interventions against Zaniolo, little respected by his opponents and even less protected by the referees?
A dripping on which Mourinho also expressed himself, visibly irritated by the conduct of the race. Speaking to the official microphones of #ASRoma, the coach said: “I go against my interests, but I feel bad for Zaniolo in relation to everything he has to suffer in every match. If I were him, I would also think about leaving Serie A “. Then he kept to clarify: “As for the warning that was given to me, I had a confrontation with Pairetto after the game and I have nothing else to add on the matter”.

In reference to the upcoming match against Inter, Mou commented: “For Saturday we will have to invent the team, given the absences of Abraham and Karsdorp.” A real shame to come to this cartel race with a patched-up line-up. This time Mourinho will have to be truly “Special” to create a team capable of undermining the Nerazzurri, in a historically long-awaited match.
What comes to your mind when you think of Roma and Inter facing each other? To me, at this moment, the snapshot of the surgical spoon with which Francesco Totti overtook Julio Cesar in a vibrant Inter v Roma in October 2005 reappears. a thunderous applause, which was also joined by Mr. Mancini.
Wallowing in the amarcord of the encounter, there are many others of feats. For example, Djorkaeff’s memorable 1997 scissor kick from an impossible position. I would say that these two spectacular goals perfectly capture the value of the challenge that will take place on Saturday at the Olimpico. In football nothing is written, and it is true that in a match anything can happen: let’s not forget, however, that the outcome of a match can influence, and even in a decisive way, rash decisions taken in the previous round, the weight of which goes over the canonical 90 minutes of play.

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