Bertè does not go for the subtle in The Voice


The rocker teased the singer from Campania in the second episode of the blind audition

Published on December 4, 2021

Cosetta Gigli, 61 years old from Lucca, teacher who teaches in middle schools, she showed up at blind audition di The Voice Senior with a “forgotten” genre, the Operetta. The judges immediately understood the artist’s skill and originality. The first to press the button was Orietta Berti, followed by Clementino and Loredana Bertè. Surprisingly, it was not to turn around Gigi D’Alessio, who, precisely because of the lack of turnaround, got a groomed by the rocker.

After the performance, D’Alessio said he didn’t turn around for a reason, namely because, seeing that Orietta had pressed the button first, he preferred that she had the ‘option’ on Cosetta. In short, a selfless gesture. Too bad that Loredana was not at all convinced by the explanation of the singer-songwriter from Campania, immediately cornered.

“But who believes it?”, Bertè commented, turning to Gigi, who replied: “Do not you believe it? In your opinion, am I deaf?“. At this point, the rocker launched the Neapolitan stiletto, trying to unmask him: “No, you are a par..ulo “. Laughter and buzz in the studio. “You are ill-thought-out, everyone”, concluded D’Alessio, between the serious and the facetious.

In the end, Cosetta indirectly agreed with Anna Tatangelo’s former partner, choosing Orietta Berti, considered the most suitable figure for her musical style among the coaches.

Laura Pausini’s father, Fabrizio, is a competitor of The Voice Senior

Shortly before Gigli performed, he landed on stage Fabrizio Pausini, that is Laura’s father. The 76-year-old has chosen a musical gem, Io Tra Di Voi by Charles Aznavour. The decision to bring such a song convinced all the jurors who, after discovering that the artist was none other than the parent of the pop star from Romagna, had a fit of amazement. The man eventually opted to join Gigi D’Alessio’s team.

Who is Franco Tortora, the singer who joined Orietta Berti’s team

Instead, the second episode of The Voice’s blind auditions was opened Franco Tortora, a Roman singer who had some success during the seventies and eighties. Tortora also made all the coaches aware. In the end he chose Orietta Berti to continue his path in the talent show.

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