“I still have unforgettable sensations for the Scudetto in Rome”

Vincenzo Montella, former striker and coach of the Roma, made statements to the online portal Goal.com. Among the topics covered his adventure in Capital and the famous derby won 5-1 over Lazio, where he scored four goals. Her statements are as follows:

When we won the Scudetto in Rome, I experienced unforgettable sensations. I still try them. You feel you have achieved something beautiful, because even today the fans do not forget that championship. Even those who did not live in those times but was born later can boast about it, show their love and are happy about it. It gives you feelings that go beyond football. The 5-1 derby was a game that I was excited just talking about. I wanted to break a record before the game. I asked Totti if there was a player who had scored a hat-trick in a derby in the history of Roma. When I found out it didn’t happen, I said, ‘I’ll do it tonight.’ I have kept my promise. Fabio Capello? I have great respect for him. He is a very important coach for what he has achieved in his career. Of course, we had a fight and we didn’t get along: he put me in the rotations and I, like any player, wanted to play. It was not easy to coach Roma, but I worked with a very intelligent group that I already knew, which makes things easier for you.. For example, there was Totti, who as a world champion had great offers turned down to stay in Rome. There is a monument. I thought I deserved to stay – that’s what they told me, but then they made another decision. But I didn’t take it badly, these are choices that the management can implement “.


unforgettable sensations Scudetto Rome

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