Eitan is back in Italy: “Now the spotlight is off”

Eitan is back in Italy: “Now the spotlight is off”
Eitan is back in Italy: “Now the spotlight is off”

Eitan Biran he returned to Italy. The child who survived the Mottarone tragedy last March landed on a scheduled flight at Bergamo – Orio al serio airport. After 84 days spent in Tel Aviv after the kidnapping of his maternal grandfather, following the court rulings that ruled that the child should return to his guardians’ home, Eitan landed in Italy putting an end to an international dispute, at least as far as it concerns him.

The legal matter did not end with the return of the child, because now the courts will have to follow the process started with the investigations following the kidnapping. Aunt Aya, the legal guardian of the child to whom the court entrusted him after the death of the entire Biran family on the Mottarone funicular, also returned to Italy with Eitan. There were also Aya Biran’s husband and their daughters. The woman had gone to Israel to closely follow the legal matter and provide support in case of need. It was not easy but in the end, with several proceedings, the Israeli justice recognized Eitan’s right to return to Italy.

The grievances of the maternal grandfather were of no avail Shmuel Peleg, who with a blitz studied in the smallest details had managed to leave Lugano for Tel Aviv on board a private plane, despite the fact that the child could not leave without the authorization of his guardian. The reasons given by the man lay in his daughter’s desire to raise Eitan in Israel according to Jewish principles. However, the Tel Aviv court found the man’s claim to be illegitimate and ordered the child’s return to Italy.

The Biran family has already returned to the town in the province of Pavia where the child lived until September before being taken away. Now little Eitan will have to restart the psychological path of processing, which will not be easy. To the enormous trauma of the loss of the entire family on the Mottarone, the consequence of an accident experienced in the first person that saw him come out alive only thanks to his father, was added that of the kidnapping.

Now Eitan must resume his life as a six-year-old“, said aunt Aya through her lawyers after returning to Italy. The lawyer Pagni added:”Looking to the future, we hope that the spotlight on the private life of the child will be turned off to protect the child privacy and confidentiality and a new phase opens that allows Eitan a more serene growth path, even more necessary if we consider the terrible tragedy that involved him“.

Licia Ronzulli welcomed the little one back to Italy: “The baby’s return to Italy, in the country where his parents had decided to raise him, is good news for him and for the grandparents who were waiting for him. You don’t fight a legal war on the skin of a child who has already suffered so much. This news gives us confidence in justice: even such complex cases can be solved with common sense and in a short time. Thanks to the Italian government and also to that of Israel“.


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