Fisco, Draghi dissatisfied in front of the party wall. Then the mediation to recover 300 million –

Fisco, Draghi dissatisfied in front of the party wall. Then the mediation to recover 300 million –
Fisco, Draghi dissatisfied in front of the party wall. Then the mediation to recover 300 million –
from Monica Guerzoni

Brunetta’s attack in the Council of Ministers: wrong choice

Those who have always known him assure that irritation is a state of mind that a Mario Draghi does not suit, but from
arm wrestling with his ministers over the tax authorities
the head of the government left dissatisfied to say the least. Not only for the merit of the alleged clash hidden assets that the center-right claims to have foiled. How much is it because the government, starting with the Treasury, has shown a flaw in terms of method. And when the prime minister tried, to put it in the vernacular, to put a piece of it, he found the wall of almost all the parts

Lega, Forza Italia, Italia viva and even the M5S opposed it to the attempt to reopen the games on a politically sensitive subject such as taxation. And they forced Draghi to reverse gear on Irpef sterilization to the income bracket above 75 thousand euros, which he himself proposed to meet the trade unions. Center-right and Renziani were united in asking for not to reopen the agreement, armored with Minister Franco in day and night meetings in via XX Settembre. We made a mistake in the preliminary investigation by leaving the social partners out and when Draghi realized that the majority did not hold up, he changed the course, but only the Democratic Party went after him, the synthesis of a government exponent who experienced the black day.

After the meeting on Thursday at Palazzo Chigi, the premier was convinced that Landini, Sbarra and Bombardieri are not wrong to ask for a review of the fiscal maneuver in favor of the poorest and tried to adjust the line in the running. But the premier’s swerve to the left split the government, to the point that Draghi, between the control room and the Council of Ministers, had to give up. If not a disavowal, certainly not a proof of cohesion. Which, in view of very delicate steps such as the approval of the maneuver and the vote for the Quirinale, should not leave party leaders calm.

Al Nazareno alarm, proof of this is the harshness with which the dem Misiani emphasizes the incomprehensible choice of Renzi and his companions: The stop to Draghi keeps Italy alive from the reformist camp. But for the prime minister’s collaborators, the suspicion that the parties have sent a signal to the Draghi-Franco tandem is simply unlikely. Now it is not easy for Palazzo Chigi to convince that the attempt to gnaw 300 million to alleviate the expensive bills is not the result of a painful turnaround, but the fruit of Draghi’s constant and pragmatic mediation.

Political control room, yesterday morning. To propose the measure, then canceled from the stop of the center-right and the Renzians, Daniele Franco, seen by many as Draghi’s successor in Chigi. In front of the heads of delegation and the deputy in charge of the tax dossier, the head of the Treasury illustrates the proposal agreed the night before with Draghi: sterilize the tax relief for a year or two for those who earn more than 75 thousand euros gross per year. The left wing sides in favor with Orlando, Hope, War, Misiani. Renziana Bonetti listens in perplexity and lets Marattin justify the no of Italia viva. THEthe M5S splits, with a possibilist Patuanelli and Castelli against it. The tones do not ignite, but the center-right rises compact
against what Brunetta, Gelmini and Carfagna consider to be one hidden assets.

Giorgetti, cautious, asks to do more to stem the increases in bills. Bagnai raises a wall on behalf of Salvini: Whoever takes 75 thousand euros gross is not rich. Draghi lets the contrary voices vent, then he summarizes and explains why he thought it right to give signals of greater solidarity with the weaker groups. It is not a tragedy if those who are in a better condition temporarily renounce the income tax cut to meet those most in need, argues the premier and proposes to use the money from the personal income tax freeze to counter the expensive bills that affects everyone horizontally . But the control room closes with the split government and the confrontation-clash continues on CDM. Garavaglia says it in three words: I express some perplexities. Brunette it takes a quarter of an hour to tear apart the solidarity contribution: It would be a wrong and unfair choice, because we don’t have a map of the impact of the pandemic on income. And here the blues swear that Draghi nodded.

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