the new bistro by chef Pino Cuttaia

the new bistro by chef Pino Cuttaia
the new bistro by chef Pino Cuttaia

Officially opens today, December 3, 2021, Uovodiseppia Milan, the first bistro of Pino Cuttaia in the Lombard capital. It is located within Ariosto Social Club, a multi-faceted location that has given new life to an old hotel a stone’s throw from the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

The Sicilian chef, two Michelin stars a The Sideboard di Licata, arrives with its kitchen in a context with a contemporary mood, inside a structure dedicated to welcoming at 360 degrees, including hotel apartments, boutiques, gym and spa. “I am very happy to finally open in Milan”, says Cuttaia, “this is the right place to savor Sicilian home dishes such as pasta with sardines. What I will propose here will be a domestic kitchen, but designed by a chef “.

Double egg, as many will remember, it is also the name of the gastronomy of Cuttaia in Licata, which takes the title of a famous creation of the chef, chosen in 2014 as a symbolic dish of Golose identity.

Double egg Milan, the location

Open kitchen and two rooms overlooking the elegant internal courtyard of Ariosto Social Club: Uovodiseppia Milan it looks like this, like a simple bistro, open for lunch and dinner, where you can savor dishes that refer to Sicilian home cooking.

The spaces reflect the concept and atmosphere of the structure, a Liberty building from 1903, which has been completely renovated and equipped with new systems. The project was managed by Studio Colombo and Omodeo who has rethought all the rooms of the building, studying them to be enhanced in a functional way, in the recovery of the original stylistic details and in respect of the spirit.

Here then is a sober bistro with precious details, where the teal of the walls duets with the gold leaf, chosen as a coating capable of giving light to the rooms.

Double egg Milan, the menu

“I selected a young and heterogeneous brigade, the boys come from different realities and cultures”, explains Cuttaia, who here proposes dishes in the name of comfort. And he interprets Sicilian gastronomy in his unmistakable way, with flashes of contemporary genius that reveal the flavors of tradition. But there is no shortage of tributes to the North and to the Milanese city.

The protagonist is the raw material, the seasonal product that is enhanced in the round. It starts from Macco of broad beans and cuttlefish, a treat for the palate that reinterprets the classic legume and vegetable cream with cuttlefish-based fish gnocchi. Or, you can opt for Pineapple smoked cod, a modern pizza maker that conquers with intense scents and a contemporary grammar.

Still, the aromas of the Sicilian island are enclosed in first courses such as Risotto with mullet ragout and wild fennel in the form of arancino/a, presented with the iconic tail. Then, Fresh pasta with cuttlefish ink e Lobster soup to love.

Among the main courses, here is the tasty Capocollo of black Nebrodi pig, the Amberjack in sea water o la Sea bass in salt crust with orange salad.

While among the unpublished dishes, designed as a tribute to the city of Milan, voilà lo Spaghetti “alla Milanese” with onion crumbs: a recipe of the Sicilian tradition, updated by the chef. “A sort of pasta with sardines and fennel. When there was no fish, in fact, it was customary to ask how do you make pasta today? “Explains the chef. “The answer was Milanese style, as a reminder of the fact that there is no sea in Milan “. Here then is a version with atched crumbs (the typical toasted bread in a pan, once considered the cheese of the poor), anchovies and a little masculino, that is a smaller anchovy.

A dedication to Milan is also represented by theCutlet egg, an egg that becomes greedy in its simplicity, breaded with breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley.

For a sweet ending, don’t miss the delicious cannoli according to Cuttaia, which translates into Cornucopia of cannolo wafer with Cammarata ricotta. When abundance marries grace.

All photos are by Luca Matarazzo

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