Milan, stabs the ex and sets the apartment on fire – Chronicle

Milan, stabs the ex and sets the apartment on fire – Chronicle
Milan, stabs the ex and sets the apartment on fire – Chronicle

Milan – He found the strength to free himself from the grip of his tormentor and escape from that house that has become hell. He knocked on the door of the neighbor and asked for help, showing the swollen face and the arms wounded by a screwdriver. That strength was his salvation: FS, 57 years old, Philippines she was rescued and transported in yellow code to Humanitas. Her attacker also ended up in the hospital, the former compatriot and contemporary boyfriend whom she had continued to host at home for 8 months despite the end of the relationship, according to what has been reconstructed so far: he was accompanied to the San Paolo, injured after giving fire to the apartment (the fire was quickly extinguished by the fire brigade) and attempted to ingest muriatic acid. The two would have had a relationship, already concluded, but the man continued to live within those walls, on the mezzanine floor of a building of via Arcadia in the Gratosoglio area.

The drama dates back to yesterday, shortly after 15.30. According to preliminary information, the man, with his mind clouded by the fumes of alcohol, lashed out at the woman, jealous after learning of a previous relationship of her. According to reports from the 57-year-old and some witnesses, she found herself out of the blue to be the target of shoves and punches and was unable to appease the former partner in any way. In fact, at one point he grabbed a screwdriver and hit her in the arms, launching more swipes. Despite the wounds and fear, the woman managed to distract the man and escape, going frantically knocking on the neighbor’s door and asking for help. The neighbor was in the house and opened the door, facing the woman with the swollen face. It was she who asked for help, so the police cars and local agents arrived in via dell’Arcadia.

However, the man refused to open the door and set the apartment on fire: the Uopi policemen, the emergency response units, and the firefighters intervened to give support, who put out the flames once the 57 years old was blocked by agents. At that point, he reported that he attempted suicide by drinking muriatic acid. As a precaution, he was then transported to the San Paolo and intubated, to avoid serious consequences. There he remained guarded and in all likelihood will be arrested for injuries and arson. Wounded and in shock his victim, who was rescued in yellow code at Humanitas. A case of domestic violence a pochi days from the day against violence against women, which brings the topic back to the fore: 537 subjects have been admonished by the commissioner for stalking and domestic violence from April 2018 to today, in Milan and its province. This year alone, 141.

Among the violent, even people who beat their partner in public places, regardless of the looks of others. Action that suggests that at home the situation was even worse. Among the women who were saved is Beatrice Fraschini, 28, who arrived at the Milan Polyclinic on 4 June 2019 with a swollen face and scattered fractures on her body, miraculously alive after throwing herself from the second floor balcony to escape to the violent boyfriend who had kept her segregated at home, beating her up.

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