The contradictions of Milan – Milano Post

The contradictions of Milan – Milano Post
The contradictions of Milan – Milano Post

But yes, Milan is always, with its contradictions, solitude, beauty, the myth of luxury. And the news leafs through episodes every day that reinforce a coexistence of marginalization, social inequality, crime.

A 49-year-old man, an Italian citizen, was found dead in a green area in Piazza Bolivar, Lorenteggio area in Milan. The body was spotted by a passerby on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. Two 118 crews immediately intervened in Piazza Bolivar with ambulance and auto-medical. For the 49-year-old, who had some bruises on the back of his neck and face, there was nothing more to be done. He was pronounced dead on the spot. And his loneliness speaks for itself.

CityLife, the neighborhood of the privileged, born under the new skyscrapers in the area of ​​the former Fiera di Milano, will represent the Italian urban green at the European Parliament and European nursery supply chain award – the Green Cities Award to be held on 8 December, dedicated to the most virtuous urban parks in Europe. Long live the nurserymen, the gardeners, but its beauty is born in a certainly not popular place. It is the first time that Italy participates as a candidate in the competition.

Two Peruvian transsexuals had followed the two victims out of the club. After some sexual advances, they took off the watch from their wrist and then reached the accomplice who was waiting for them not far by car. During the escape, one of the two thieves lost her mobile phone which was later found by the police of the Center Commissariat who intervened on the spot. Following analysis, investigators traced the identity of the gang specializing in theft with the hug technique. (MilanoToday) The luxurious myth of the rolex continues to fascinate thieves and buyers

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