Third dose vaccine with Moderna and Pfizer, which one is administered and why after 5 months

Third dose vaccine with Moderna and Pfizer, which one is administered and why after 5 months
Third dose vaccine with Moderna and Pfizer, which one is administered and why after 5 months

Reservations and administration of the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine with Pfizer and Moderna are proceeding, the latter in half the dosage, to all Italian citizens over 18: this is why the booster dose must be received five months after the end of the vaccination cycle.

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From 1 December all Italians over 18 can receive the third dose of anti Covid vaccine. After the announcement by Minister Speranza, bookings and administrations have started in all Italian regions. The doses used are those of vaccines a m-RNA, that is Moderna and Pfizer, for everyone, even for those who have completed the vaccination cycle with AstraZeneca O Johnson&Johnson.

“There is no problem switching vaccines because they all target the ‘spike’ and already many people have been vaccinated with a heterologous combination of different vaccines. Pfizer or Moderna are both fine regardless of what you received during the first round,” he said. explained on Twitter the immunologist of the University of Padua Antonella Viola, commenting on the heterologous vaccination for the booster dose. The important thing, in any case, is that 5 months have passed since the end of the vaccination cycle.

Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for the third dose, what are the dosages

According to what has been established by the competent bodies, for the third dose of Covid vaccine a booster dose (booster) with m-RNA vaccine will be administered in dosages of 30 micrograms in 0.3 milliliters for Comirnaty by Pfizer / BioNTech and 50 micrograms in 0.25ml for Moderna’s Spikevax. For the latter vaccine it is a halved dosage compared to that used for the primary vaccination cycle. The supplemental dose can be administered five months after completion of the primary vaccination course, regardless of the previously used vaccine.

Why book the third dose five months after the second

Last November 23 it was made official, with the publication in the Official Gazette of the Aifa determination at the root of a circular from the Ministry of Health, the advance of the booster dose of the Covid vaccine from 6 to 5 months, thus reducing the time interval between the end of the vaccination course and the administration of the third dose to increase the protection against Covid, since studies have shown that vaccine protection begins to decline after six months.

“The initial indication of these studies was based on the timing of the 6 months. At this point, since the situation is not pleasant at all, it was decided to bring the vaccination one month forward, precisely to gain a margin on the risk of infection. Among other things, we now know that with the third dose we gain protection “, explained the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco of the University of Milan.


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