Maria against all – Big Brother VIP

Over the past few days, a quarrel has broken out in the House involving some women.

Following the discussion she had during the last Nomination with her bed partner – as well as Patrizia – she decided to change accommodation, but encountered numerous difficulties.

The actress, in fact, clashed with many other tenants but, above all, with Sophie and Lulù who, in her opinion, used not very nice words towards her.

Lulu, after what he heard in the clip, he explains that he saw in Maria an insensitive and respectful person who, at the end of Monday’s episode, judged her for having had a panic attack.

Another very heated quarrel immediately breaks out between the two competitors which, however, does not lead to any conclusions. In this regard, Maria takes the opportunity to recount the episode in which the princess overheard her Confessional and, above all, all the attacks received by the Selassié sisters.

“I was upset” adds Maria explaining that she was also judged by Sophie because of his extreme kindness.

In all this confusion, Alfonso asks the opinion of some VIPs of the House. “I’m sorry about this” dice Francesca that she does not think it fair to be told not to be accepted by the group. Manuel, on the other hand, it is not of many words: “They speak for themselves” he adds, remaining very much on his own.

Apparently this situation has divided the House in two: if on the one hand there are those who claim that it was Mary who made a mistake, on the other hand there are those who support her because, as the latest arrival, they should have had a different reception.


Maria Big Brother VIP

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