The Italian Regions with an Rt index higher than 1 according to ISS monitoring

The Italian Regions with an Rt index higher than 1 according to ISS monitoring
The Italian Regions with an Rt index higher than 1 according to ISS monitoring

The list of Italian regions that have a transmissibility index of the Covid infection above the guard threshold of 1 and that risk changing color in the coming days.

Italy continues to hold up in the face of fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic compared to the rest of Europe but the parameters are almost all worsening. This is what emerges from the last weekly monitoring made by the Control Room on the epidemiological situation in our country: the incidence weekly passes from 125 to 155 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants even if the Rt index, that is, of transmissibility of the contagion, from 1.23 it drops to 1.20, thus remaining stable above the guard threshold of 1. But the situation changes from Region to Region.

The Rt index region by region

  • Abruzzo 1.18 (from 1.21)
  • Basilicata 1.12 (from 1.42)
  • Calabria 1 (from 1)
  • Campania 1.06 (from 1.16)
  • Emilia Romagna 1.33 (from 1.26)
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia 1.09 (from 1.18)
  • Lazio 1.01 (from 1.22)
  • Liguria 1.34 (from 1.43)
  • Lombardy 1.39 (from 1.34)
  • Walk 1.22 (from 1.27)
  • Molise 2.04 (from 1.51)
  • Piedmont 1.36 (from 1.21)
  • province of Bolzano 1.18 (from 1.5)
  • province of Trento 1.42 (from 1.15)
  • Puglia 0.95 (from 1.05)
  • Sardinia 1.17 (from 1.36)
  • Sicily 1.01 (from 1.18)
  • Tuscany 1.04 (from 1.11)
  • Umbria 0.97 (from 1.15)
  • Val d’Aosta 2.16 (from 1.99)
  • Veneto 1.39 (from 1.35)

As can be seen, only two Regions, namely Puglia e Umbria, has an Rt index below the guard threshold of 1. All the others are above this value, with a point of 2.16 in Valle d’Aosta and 2.04 in Molise, although in most cases these are lower numbers than last week. From the monitoring of the Control Room it emerges that a Region is classified a low risk, 20 Regions / PPAA are classified as a moderate risk. Among these, two are highly likely to progress to high risk according to the Ministerial Decree of April 20, 2020.

Which regions will pass into the yellow zone from next Monday

After Friuli Venezia Giulia, the autonomous province of Bolzano Monday 6 December, the day on which the super Green pass. The other Regions should remain in the white area, although some may change color before Christmas: therefore, eyes on Veneto, Calabria, Liguria, Marche e Lazio, where the pressure on the hospitals with occupancy percentages of beds in intensive care and medical area very close to the alert threshold established at national level is of particular concern.


Italian Regions index higher ISS monitoring

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