Davide Giri, Columbia Piedmontese student killed in New York. “Wounded according to Italian.” A 25-year-old is arrested

Davide Giri, Columbia Piedmontese student killed in New York. “Wounded according to Italian.” A 25-year-old is arrested
Davide Giri, Columbia Piedmontese student killed in New York. “Wounded according to Italian.” A 25-year-old is arrested

NEW YORK Two Italian boys who were in New York for various reasons found themselves united by a tragic and violent fate on Thursday night. The two young men who did not know each other at all were stabbed at the hands of Vincent Pinkney, a 25-year-old on probation, a possessed member of the violent gang known by the acronym EBK: EveryBody Killa, which means “everyone can be killed”. The first, Davide Giri, managed to drag himself out of the park where he had been attacked, but died of injuries to his abdomen even before reaching the emergency room. The second, Robert Malastina, victim of the attack on the opposite side of the park, suffered deep lacerations in the shoulders and chest but fortunately is still alive, hospitalized.

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Davide Giri had studied in Turin

A cursed night for our two compatriots. To have the worst was the Piedmontese Davide Giri, a computer engineer specialized in the best universities in the world, from the Polytechnic of Turin to Columbia, also passing through Chicago and Shanghai. The thirty-year-old from Alba had recently returned to the New York Alma mater (which he had already attended two years ago) and was enrolled in a research doctorate. He had distinguished himself immediately, to the point of receiving an appointment from his colleagues and also obtaining a prize for the quality of the research.

Robert Malastina is the injured Italian tourist

The park in which he was stabbed is Morningside, the narrow strip of green that borders the Columbia campus, bordering the beginning of Central Park to the south. University students often go to the sports facilities reserved for them. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that Davide Giri was there just before eleven in the morning. The classrooms on campus are open at any time of the night for those wishing to study, and sleepwalking students are plentiful. He had probably gone to stretch his legs, sure to find many of his colleagues jogging in the same place. “This news is unspeakably sad and disturbs us deeply – wrote Columbia principal Lee Bollinger – On behalf of the entire Columbia community, I send my heartfelt condolences to Davide’s parents”.

Ten minutes later, on the opposite side of the park, Pinkney himself also attacked 27-year-old Robert Malastina, an Italian tourist who, according to US media, had arrived in the city only the day before. An eyewitness recounts seeing him on the run, as he shouted, chased by the unknown assailant: «Why me? Help!”.

Doctors from the nearby St Luke’s hospital where he is admitted say that Robert is in stable condition. Pinkney was not yet sated with blood after the first two assaults. And half an hour after the second attack he tried to use the same weapon, a large kitchen knife, against another person inside Central Park. This time the victim came out unscathed. She ran to the nearby police station to report the incident and helped the officers identify and arrest the assailant. No details have leaked so far as to the reasons for the carnage. The perpetrator of the crime, despite his age, already has a long string of criminal records: he has been arrested eleven times since 2012. Thefts, petty robberies, domestic violence. The last meeting with the police was in 2015, due to an assault in which he participated together with other members of his gang.

EBK is a particularly violent association, born from an offshoot of the much better known Bloods. It originates from the Californian city of Sacramento, but is also very popular in New York. Part of his creed is the principle that any member of rival gangs can be killed, without reserve by degree or proximity of affiliation. The previous crime had earned Vincent a four-year sentence in prison. He was released after serving three and the judge ordered him to be on probation until 2022. The area where the attack took place is well known for being a high-tension zone, crushed as it is among the wealth exhibited by many of the students from Columbia and the poorer areas of Harlem. The president of the Manhattan neighborhood, Gale Brewer, in declaring her horror of the crime, wanted to recall that the same intersection where the fatal attack on Davide Giri took place, two years ago was the scene of another stabbing deadly at the end of an attempted robbery, against a young student, also from Columbia.


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