Vaccination obligation in Italy, Costa: ‘It’s not on the agenda’

Vaccination obligation in Italy, Costa: ‘It’s not on the agenda’
Vaccination obligation in Italy, Costa: ‘It’s not on the agenda’

The founder of German BioNtech, Ugur Sahin, believes that the Covid vaccine should be adapted to the Omicron variant. “I believe that at some point we will need a new vaccine against this new variant,” Sahin said at the Reuters Next conference, according to Handelsblatt. BioNtech, which with Pfizer has produced one of the most effective vaccines around, expects Omicron to be “capable of infecting vaccinated people.”

Omicron, WHO: “Still no deaths reported related to the variant”

“To date, the vaccination obligation is not on the agenda”. To say it is the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa on the sidelines of an event on pharmacies in Genoa. “We have decided to establish a relationship of trust with citizens that has given excellent results, we are the second European country to be vaccinated. Italy, compared to other European countries, has already addressed the issue of compulsory nature: we were the first to introduce it for health workers and from 15 December it will be extended to law enforcement and school staff. Then we will evaluate the data of the epidemic: we are also ready for other evaluations, but now it goes on like this “. And he added: “Our country’s data is far better than other European countries. From Monday the super green pass comes into force, another important measure that I believe can help us to give further impetus to the vaccination campaign, which in any case already has positive numbers: on average we exceed 400 thousand administrations per day. There was also a recovery of the first doses, with 30 thousand per day “.

Coronavirus, Locatelli: “Fourth dose of the vaccine concrete possibility”

While the CTS coordinator Franco Locatelli said that “a fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine is a real possibility.” And he added: “When will the pandemic end? It’s a crystal ball question. The more we insist on vaccinations, the more the situation will be favorable but as long as it is not global we will not get out of it “.

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