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the whole institute closed, 120 children at home

Empty classrooms. All five sections of the nursery school in via Soderini were closed after the reporting of a case of positivity to covid 19 within the institute. The notice to the parents of the 120 children arrived in the past few hours with a circular signed by the manager.

“We inform you that following a report relating to a case of positivity to covid 19 at the nursery school in via Soderini, the quarantine of pupils and Ata staff is available as a precaution and to protect the health of pupils and school staff. starting from Wednesday 01/12/2021 until the deadline that will be subsequently communicated by Ats “, reads the document.

Different speech, however, for teachers. “Considering that the teachers have not been in close contact, face to face, or in the same closed environment with the confirmed case of covid 19, for more than 15 minutes, at a distance of less than 2 meters, but they have taken all safety measures provided for by the protocol in force, they do not have fiduciary isolation but they are invited to carry out testing T0 and T5 “, the circular concludes.

The 120 children, all those enrolled in the school, will remain at home in quarantine and – Ats later explained to the families – the return to school, since none of the children are vaccinated, “is allowed, in the absence of symptoms and only following negative molecular or antigenic swab, to be carried out 10 days after the last contact with the positive case “.

According to the guidelines of the ministry of health, in the event of a positive maternal child, quarantine is arranged only for the other pupils of the same section or group. So, although for privacy it has not been specified who is the positive, it is likely that the case concerns one of the teachers or collaborators. A detail that, according to the documents, “convinced” the school to close.


institute closed children home

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