Vaccination marathon, Apss: ” Those who have an appointment already set can anticipate it without canceling ”. From doctors for the medical history to those who manage the flows: hundreds of busy people

TRENTO. I am still many places are available in vaccination centers in view of the marathon for the days from 4 to 8 December. At 6pm today, more than 43 thousand third doses were booked, in addition to 2,444 first doses.

The Healthcare Company explained today that “Today the SMS that warn the people started people, who had booked the administration of the third dose after 8 December, of the possibility of anticipating the administration in the days of the vaccination marathon without having to cancel the appointment already set beforehand”.

On the basis of subscriptions, additional booking spaces are opened every day. Especially for the new Lavis vaccination center, located in the structure of the Civil Protection in the industrial area in via Giuseppe di Vittorio 24, you can still find numerous free appointments.

It is good to remember that to fix the appointment they must be after 150 days (five months) from the last administration. The Cup Reservation System will check the time interval between the first vaccination course and the third dose. The opening hours of the various vaccination centers, especially the more peripheral ones, may be subject to changes based on the bookings registered.

The machine deployed for each vaccination center is very complex. There must be the doctor making anamnesis, another healthcare professional who administers the vaccine and who prepares the doses. To these people are added those who must welcome citizens and check the reservations made and who manages the flows to avoid gatherings.

“They will be on the pitch during the marathon about 600 doctors and about 3-400 volunteers which will be distributed throughout the day in the various vaccination points ”he explained to theDolomites the chief executive officer of the Department of Civil Protection of Trentino, Raffaele De Col.

Following the organization is also Dr. Maria Grazia Zuccali, Director of the Hygiene and Public Health Operating Unit of the APSS Prevention Department. “The machine deployed – he explains – is very complex. We recorded an average of one booking every 3 minutes, 20 per hour for each vaccine line. On the territory we have three large centers with 10 lines for administration which are Trento, Rovereto and Lavis”.

Vaccination centers in the area will be operational from 4 to 8 December from 6 to 24: hospitals, some RSAs and the new vaccination hub in Lavis will be added to the twelve traditional centers.

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