“They cheated me, what they invited me for” – Libero Quotidiano

“They cheated me, what they invited me for” – Libero Quotidiano
“They cheated me, what they invited me for” – Libero Quotidiano

“They invited me to talk about Dragons and instead they cheated me”. Massimo Cacciari is poisoned after the last one hosted a Half past eight, where the philosopher ended up easy prey for his colleagues Lilli Gruber, who put him on the cross for his positions which have no basis in official science. “As usual in Italy we only talk about Covid – said the ad affaritaliani.it – and, as it turns out, I was slightly pissed off “.

In particular, Cacciari dealt harshly with Alessandro De Angelis e Beppe Severgnini. “Frankly, I can’t understand why almost all of the national press – added the former mayor of Venice – is standardized and always and only talks about Covid. As if in Italy there were no deaths from cancer, heart attack or other pathologies, there were no unemployed young people, layoffs, complex and delicate family members. It is a real scandal. Politics, government and beyond, makes fog with Covid so all these other problems are handled by commissioners “.

“Covid will end sooner or later, at least I believe and hope – said Cacciari to affaritaliani.it – ​​perhaps forcing us all to be vaccinated every six months, but the social, economic issues, concerning schools, health services will remain and will be a serious problem for a long time. But nobody talks about it. Covid only. Crazy”.

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