Merkel’s last farewell as chancellor: “Fight for democracy”. The band plays three songs chosen by her (one is punk)

Merkel’s last farewell as chancellor: “Fight for democracy”. The band plays three songs chosen by her (one is punk)
Merkel’s last farewell as chancellor: “Fight for democracy”. The band plays three songs chosen by her (one is punk)

The song he chose to say goodbye to Germany gives chancellor has displaced the army band, who did not have it in his repertoire. “Red roses should rain for me,” he sang Hildegard Knef in 1968. And at the sound of these notes, Angela Merkel she took leave of her post in the military ceremony of the Tattoo, thanking the Germans for their trust, “the greatest capital in politics”. He urged a fight for democracy which can turn out to be “fragile”. And he greeted power with the invitation “to always look at the world too with the eyes of others“.

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Military grand tattoo in honor of acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel

epa09617208 German soldiers participate in a military grand tattoo in honor of acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the defense ministry in Berlin, Germany, 02 December 2021. Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel receives on 02 December 2021, on the occasion of her farewell, a Grand Tattoo of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). EPA/FILIP SINGER

“Today I try gratitude and humility in the face of the position I held for so long “, he began, while the whole country wondered if his eyes would tarnished for the excitement after 16 years of government. In her very short speech, Merkel instead addressed a thought to those who in these hours “he is fighting to save lives“, In the hospitals Germans overloaded from the pandemic emergency. She recalled the challenges that engaged her “on a political and human level”. And then she sat in the center of the scene – coat and black gloves on a cold Berlin evening – to listen to the songs she had chosen. So they did before her Helmut Kohl e Gerhard Schroeder, of which they remember the tears on My way.

“I want all or nothing”, says the refrain of the song wanted by Chancellor, in a text that reflects the strength and integrity of the ambitions and aspirations of a woman who has impressed the world by standing up to the powerful (and bullies) of the Earth. Then there was a punk song from Nina Hagen, from 1974, You forgot the color film (“You forgot about the color films”): “A hit of the youth in Ddr“, He explained at the press conference a few hours earlier. Finally a religious hymn, the You gods, before the national one of Haydn. And no, the chancellor he never cried. Merkel, who leaves politics completely behind at the age of 67, remained focused and once again controlled her emotions.

It Tattoo it is an opportunity reserved for the country’s leaders, and for defense ministers. Tonight’s – in a narrow pandemic format, with 50 ministries with the masks invited by her – it was an event awaited with some regret by many, in a Germany that still sees the Bundeskanzlerin unquestionably at the top of the rankings of the most popular politicians. From today the date of theinstallation of the successor, the outgoing vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz, in office sinceDecember 8, and tonight in the audience. A Social Democrat Merkel trusts, who will make her sleep “sleep peacefully“, Was the comment after the sensational defeat of the Cdu in the September elections. Mutual respect: “Angela Merkel was a successful chancellor – wrote Scholz on Twitter at the moment – She worked tirelessly for our country and remained true to herself in 16 years in which a lot has changed”.

At 7.20 pm, in the courtyard of the Ministry of Defense, the Chancellor had an almost normal working day behind her – she has a few more in front of her – marked by yet another and last crisis summit to manage the dramatic development of the emergency Covid. Great mediator of deep crises, such as that of the euro which tested theEU and that of migrants, leave his Germany in the throes of the most serious health emergency in the history of the Republic. And to those who asked her what her state of mind was, at this juncture, she replied: “I would feel better if we were in the situation of Italy“. One of the last lines of his chancellorship also marks a step back from the promise that Berlin he would never have imposed the anticovid vaccine: “If I sat still at the Bundestag I would vote yes, ”he admitted today, taking the last turn.

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