«I take care of you but I despise you. You make me sick”. The outburst of the Pesaro primary exhausted by the No vax

“I try to be politically correct as much as possible. But now I can’t do it anymore. ” Thus begins the last post against the No vax community published on Facebook by the chief acting officer of the emergency room of the San Salvatore hospital in Pesaro, Umberto Gnudi. “To the umpteenth case of No vax positive (elderly with children No vax, arrogant fifty-year-old” that doesn’t happen to me anyway “, thirty-year-old gymnastic” with this body I’m not afraid of anything “) which means more work and more risk for us health professionals exhausted, but above all less resources and beds for all the other sick, innocent victims of blind stupidity, I lost my patience! I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore !!! », he wrote. And then he added: «Are you among my Facebook friends? Please, if you have a shred of dignity left, unsubscribe. Otherwise, as soon as I realize it, I’ll do it myself. ” Then the lock, lapidary: «Are you coming to the emergency room sick? – continues the doctor in the post -. I will cure you, it is my job, but without speaking to you. Know that I despise you. It is not a question of freedom of thought, but of respect for the community. You don’t have any, you don’t deserve any. You will have my care as best I can, as always. But know that you disgust me ».

The message, which did not go unnoticed at all, collected a series of comments, some of which were left by those who say they are against vaccination against Coronavirus. Answers to which the doctor responded promptly: “I have been an emergency room doctor and 118 for twenty years and in these years I have learned that empathy, good words, compassion are themselves a cure, often as effective as drugs. But I cannot empathize with a destructive and selfish attitude such as the ideological rejection of the vaccine. As a doctor, I heal with science; as a man, I heal together with the patient. Pietas for the patient is always present and grows exponentially in the case of people exposed to the virus in spite of themselves, because healthier family members have decided not to vaccinate them for them. Seeing an elderly person dying with a gasp makes me sick, and when in the clinic next door the doctor I am will treat, in knowledge and conscience, the author of the infection, the man I am will not be able to feel respect for him ».

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