The military ceremony to greet Chancellor Angela Merkel after 16 years at the helm of Germany-

The military ceremony to greet Chancellor Angela Merkel after 16 years at the helm of Germany-
The military ceremony to greet Chancellor Angela Merkel after 16 years at the helm of Germany-
from Paolo Valentino

The event, complete with soldiers with torches and a Bundeswehr band, was held in the clearing in front of the Ministry of Defense where Stauffenberg and the conspirators of 20 July, symbol of the new Germany, were hanged.


Red roses and lockdown. Gratitude and humility. The memory of the best German history and the highest military honors for a great chancellor. In the twilight of the Blenderblock, in the same courtyard where von Stauffenberg and the conspirators of the Valkiria operation were shot after the failed attempt on Hitler on July 20, 1944, Angela Merkel takes her leave. The torches of the Bundeswehr soldiers light up the cold Berlin evening.

The Big tattoos an ancient, solemn, almost Nibelungic ceremony, reserved for chancellors, heads of state, ministers of defense. The one for Merkel has a touch of emotion, nostalgia and anxiety about what will come next, when the mother of the nation will no longer be there to protect and reassure. But with her musical choices and her words, Merkel also knows how to infuse her with lightness and optimism.

Her former ministers, the opponents of yesterday and today, have come to pay homage to her. the President of the Republic Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the high offices of the state. C.she begins, wrapped in a black coat that accentuates her paleness, eyes that sparkle with emotion. A short, intense speech: It has been 16 years that have required great political and human efforts, but that have always gratified me. I feel humble in the face of this assignment and gratitude for the trust that has been given to me and which is the greatest good in politics.

True to her figure, Merkel talks about the pandemic, which showed us the importance of trust in politics, science and facts. Of the need to defend democracy that thrives on respect and of the fact that wherever hatred and violence are used as means to achieve one’s own interests, our tolerance as democratic people must have a limit. And of the virtue of compromise: I want to invite you to look at the world through the eyes of others in the future as well.

But with the music, which every civilian honored with the Big tattoos she has the right to choose herself, which Merkel surprises everyone. Gerhard Schrder, the self-made chancellor, wanted in 2005 My Way and wept. Sixteen years later, Angela Merkel claims her story and discovers her romantic nature. He was the first to choose aYou gods in homage to their Protestant heritage. Then a piece of Nina Hagen, punk-rock singer and rebel from the GDR, where she reproaches her boyfriend for having forgotten the color film for photos to take on vacation. Perhaps a warning that no one forgets the years spent in the GDR.

But the final melody that reveals another face of Angela Merkel, strong-willed and dreamer. H.ildegard Knef, the postwar Marlene Dietrich, scandalous and controversial actress, wrote it and sang it in 1968, to record it again in a pop version in 1992, now almost seventy years old: It’s supposed to rain red roses for me, for me it must rain red roses, it was a great success. Today I say softly: I should adapt and be satisfied / But I cannot adapt and be satisfied / I still want to win / Red roses must rain for me / new miracles must accompany me / must again make me emancipate from the past / I want to understand, see, experience / keep it . How will we not regret it?

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