agents on buses, police officers and financiers in restaurants

agents on buses, police officers and financiers in restaurants
agents on buses, police officers and financiers in restaurants

The traffic police, coordinated with the financial police, will carry out checks on compliance with the rules on Green pass in bars and restaurants; the police and the carabinieri, in collaboration with the verifiers of the transport companies, on the buses and in the subway but without slowing down the service. And a series of checks must also be scheduled in the area to coincide with the Christmas and New Year holidays, but also in the shopping and nightlife areas on weekends. These are the indications, contained in a circular from the Ministry of the Interior, signed by the head of the Cabinet, Bruno Frattasi, sent to all the prefects, in view of the entry into force of the reinforced Green pass scheduled for 6 December.

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Super Green Pass, how will the controls be

The text of the circular, however, also says something else, in a very direct way: whoever is part of the categories for which the vaccination obligation is foreseen, but does not adapt, will be suspended from service without salary. More in detail: from 15 December “the vaccination obligation is extended to further categories of operators belonging to particularly exposed sectors, including personnel from the Defense, Security and Public Rescue sector, as well as that of the local police”; the non-fulfillment «determines the immediate suspension from the service, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to keep the job. During the suspension period, neither remuneration nor other remuneration or emolument is due ».

The Interior Ministry reminds the Prefects that the Green pass must also be requested in hotels and accommodation facilities, in the changing rooms for outdoor sports, on local, regional and interregional means of transport. The reinforced Green pass also arrives (only from vaccine or healing) which will allow access to restaurants and public places even in the orange area. At the parties that follow civil and religious ceremonies (baptisms and weddings for example) the Green pass da tampon is also sufficient, the same applies to “canteens and continuous catering services on a contractual basis”. The Interior Ministry refers to the need to strengthen controls. How? First of all, the prefects must send the Ministry of the Interior “a weekly report on the activity carried out”. We need a verification plan, which coordinates police forces and local police forces, also requiring restaurateurs and hoteliers to be punctual in checking the Green pass.

Police and carabinieri will be protagonists, together with the traffic police, in the random checks of public transport vehicles, including subways, but also with the involvement of company inspectors. In the meantime, the Conference of Regions updated the guidelines yesterday, precisely in application of the innovations envisaged by the latest decree on the reinforced Green pass; in these hours an ordinance of the Ministry of Health will be issued to implement them. Among other things, the obligation of masks for all employees of bars and restaurants is reaffirmed and – at the request of the Regions – it is established that the Municipalities, in agreement with the ASL, authorize square events and festivals in relation to the capacity of the places. More incisive rules also for ski resorts, especially as regards Green passes and masks.


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