Meloni: Berlusconi may be the card for the Quirinale, but we need a plan B and maybe even C

Meloni: Berlusconi may be the card for the Quirinale, but we need a plan B and maybe even C
Meloni: Berlusconi may be the card for the Quirinale, but we need a plan B and maybe even C

“I want a head of state who enforces Italian sovereignty, the rules, the Constitution. There is agreement on this, but someone is needed to say that the Head of State should not defend the European factions “. So Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the presentation of the book by Gianfranco Rotondi ‘The Dc variant‘, he addressed the issue of the Quirinale. “Di Mattarella – he added – I did not share that with Conte he said to take note that there was a majority, and the next day when the majority was gone he called Draghi and said that he could not vote”. After the election of the President of the Republic, he concluded, “I will pose the theme of early elections, regardless of who will be elected”.

Meloni: Berlusconi may be our card for the Quirinale, but we need a plan B

A theme, that of the election of the Head of State, on which the leader of FdI returned in the evening to Door to door. Where he reiterated that Berlusconi may be the candidate of the center-right but it is also necessary to have other cards to play because the game will not be easy. “Politics is not mathematics. The card can absolutely be Berlusconi, it would be an excellent card. After that I also told the center-right that Berlusconi is not a very easy match… ”. “I said – he added – that you need to have a plan B and perhaps also a plan C. For this reason, I asked for compactness in the center-right, at the beginning and at the end”.

“I was criminalized in the last election campaign”

Minister Franceschini was also present at the presentation of Rotondi’s book, who denied that there is a European veto on any center-right governments in Italy. Words that Giorgia Meloni replied by accusing the left of always seeking the demonization of the opponent. “The political conflict – he said – must not be the fight in the mud, I thank Franceschini for the words of appreciation for FdI, but he seems like a white fly to me, I was criminalized in the last election campaign, accused of being a fascist, a racist and also no vax, when vaccinated “. “I – he concluded – have never said that if the Democratic Party wins the elections, communism returns, instead on FdI in government there is a daily narrative”.

Melons: I am against the obligation to vaccinate

Finally, in Bruno Vespa’s living room, Meloni went back to talking about the vaccine, saying she was against the obligation. The principle of compulsory vaccination “I do not agree with it and I would not put it” because “in my opinion it is not necessary in Italy”, since “today we have good vaccination data”. “In Europe, there are many different experiences. There is that of Germany which has so far decided not to apply measures of this type and Merkel is not a no vax… We must bring a debate that has become ideological to a common sense debate as is done in normal nations ”.

“I believe that the debate – he added – has been wrongly taken to extremes and has been deliberately taken to extremes. Why doesn’t the Italian government put pen to paper that it is ready to compensate those who have vaccine problems? This is the most serious way to tell the Italians ‘I believe in what I’m doing ..’ “.

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