Ita Airways, agreement with trade unions on salaries, benefits and training –

Ita Airways, agreement with trade unions on salaries, benefits and training –
Ita Airways, agreement with trade unions on salaries, benefits and training –

The calm returns between Ita Airways and the unions. The new national airline officially entered Assaereo and signed the new national collective labor agreement. The turning point, anticipated yesterday on the site by Courier service, comes after days of confidential negotiations. Among the highlights of the agreement are the new training courses for captains, health insurance for all employees, the new performance bonus and the achievement of operational breakeven by June 2023. This ends a period of friction between the two sides culminated in the second half of September with the breaking right on the terms of the contract.

The double signature

The agreement on two floors. On the one hand, Ita Airways enters Assaereo by signing the renewal of the specific part of the Ccnl carriers defining specific rules in support of the start-up activity and a new remuneration regime that can facilitate its diffusion in the sector, explains the new company in a note. In parallel, the company signed the supplementary company agreement with the trade unions. Remuneration is one of the main themes. Within the new protocol – explains the carrier – the performance bonus for all employees is introduced, which will be calculated by combining the company’s economic profitability and customer satisfaction. A variable portion that will represent 15% of the salary level and will be articulated on a six-monthly basis.


From 2023, then, there will be a progressive realignment of the salary elements, starting from an increase of 3% for pilots and 1% for flight attendants. In a note Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Air transport explain that the industrial agreement implements the hiring forecasts, over the course of the plan, of an additional 4 thousand workers with the necessary certifications and qualifications. All this will take place by 2025 in line with the increase in the fleet with the new aircraft acquired. For this reason too – clarifies Ita Airways – new courses will be launched for the training of captains to be used also on new generation machines for a minimum of 130 courses in 2022. Another step forward on corporate welfare. For the first time, health care will also be granted to all land-based employees, and for the crew there will be an increase in the premium compared to current conditions, the note continues. This is a proposal carried out by the company.

The reactions

After 5 years that the CCNL was not renewed, we have achieved an important goal that we count will ensure competitiveness for all Italian air transport companies, explains Alfredo Altavilla, president of Ita Airways, in the press release, underlining the introduction of the result bonus, present for the first time in such a significant measure on remuneration and above all linked to customer satisfaction, which is linked to the confirmation of the profitability objectives of the business plan which provide for the achievement of operational breakeven in the second quarter of 2023. The agreements reached are a first significant step that improves working conditions in a context in which the workers of this company have already suffered too much, starting from the diktats of the European Union, comment the trade unions. Agreements that must constitute a turning point in relations between Ita and its workers and provide the tools to really get the national airline off the ground.


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