Boccassini and Palamara explain the Ruby trials to Travaglio

Here is the guarantor of ignorance Marco Travaglio which presents “the guarantor of prostitution”, thus describing “the story of B.” to the accomplices of Done who should give their signature to say no to Berlusconi al Quirinale. It is close, but one of these days we will see Marcolino engaged in the effort of showing who can make it the furthest. His fear is so childish that it becomes obsession. In the headline that opens his winter campaign against Berlusconi and which reveals itself with a huge NO, he could have written about everything, and colored red and yellow or rather black, which politically is his true favorite color. He could have chosen the most offensive insults, called him a Mafioso, for example. We are confident that in the course of the next episodes this caress from Marcolino will also appear on the horizon.

But the choice of a sexual image, the reference to a profession which among other things does not constitute a crime, but at most a “sin” towards which even the Church has an eye for understanding, is only a banana peel, demonstration of cultural paucity and ignorance. Of history and its “scandals”, first of all. Of the history of great presidents such as Francois Mitterand who was able to keep an illegitimate daughter concealed for a long time and only recognized at the age of ten. Of a country that is a master of democracy like the United States who still regrets John Fitzgerald Kennedy without judging his affective habits and his great adulterous love with Marilyn Monroe. Not to mention Bill Clinton against whom the impeachment procedure for the adventure with Monica Lewinsky. History that will be judged by history. Not by the courts, not by the Church. Least of all from ignorant journalistic gossip.

Hardly any school text of our great-grandchildren will talk about Marco Travaglio, surely all historians will deal with Silvio Berlusconi, of a great entrepreneur and a statesman. We’ll see if even a president of the republic. But, whoever really wants to put his nose even in court paperwork, can only tell of him as the victim of real firing squads in togas who have unjustly targeted him for a few decades for political hatred. So let’s talk about prostitution too, dear Travaglio. Since Italy and a prime minister also had their baby Monica Lewinsky, the Moroccan girl Karima El Mahroug . We challenge you on history, and also on the news. We are helped by two magistrates, two former prosecutors, your favorite category. Ilda Boccassini e Luca Palamara they tell, each in their own way, how it began. And both reveal the “great conspiracy” of which Berlusconi was a victim starting that summer, while he was prime minister.

“In 2010 my work as coordinator of the Good I was very busy – writes the former Milanese prosecutor in his book – I was satisfied and I did not imagine that soon I would have to relive the nightmare of facing Silvio Berlusconi“. This is followed by a chronicle, told in a not very credible way, which introduces the young woman onto the judicial and political scene Ruby. It is the premise of the “conspiracy”, to which, at least initially, the doctor Boccassini was a stranger. So much so that she was surprised when she, who dealt with the mafia, was proposed to investigate the prime minister for child prostitution. The target was not the type of crime, but the type of (alleged) perpetrator. The “merit” of that choice must all be attributed to the one who had recently been promoted to the top of the Milanese prosecutor’s office, Edmondo Bruti Liberati, leading exponent of Democratic judiciary. A Milanese political tradition continued until the last chief prosecutor, recently retired, Francesco Greco. All belonging to the same left wing trade union current. At this point we get help from another former prosecutor, Luca Palamara, and from his book “The system”. “That of women is a good trend, it works in the media, and certainly weakens the figure of President Berlusconi”.

Sure, very clever the choice of Ilda Boccassini to represent the accusation against the prime minister: because she is a woman, because she has a lot of visibility and everyone knows who she is. Think what an image in front of the world her fiery red hair and the finger pointing at the whoremonger! And yes, that of women is a really good trend. But also to be of Democratic judiciary it matters a lot. Boccassini is also on that political side. And the Milan prosecutor’s office – still remembers it Palamara– “it is a well-structured fort. To direct it is Edmondo Bruti Liberati, one of the most feared and powerful magistrates in Italy, a true beacon of the cultural hegemony of the judicial left and its consequent political reflections ”. The investigation against Berlusconi, the one that will then end with his total acquittal, but after his image as a whoremonger and almost as a rapist of minors is projected all over the world, is therefore born in that “well-structured fort” of the democratic judiciary. The Ambrosian system was immediately applied, the one for which the rules apply only to friends. For the enemies, well, let’s leave it to the imagination.

The fact is that the young Ruby, according to the chronicle of Boccassini (but we do not believe it so much) she would have confided, during a short hospitalization, in July 2010 with a social worker. Which would have made a report and would have handed it over to the prosecutor Pietro Forno, responsible for sexual offenses. This is the first stumbling block of the Ambrosian style, because Ruby never talked about crimes, but only about the dinners he would have attended at Berlusconi’s house. The offenses were therefore sought. It wasn’t the same Tonino Di Pietro, recently, to say that that was, already in his time, it “Ambrosian style”?

The second anomaly is told by Boccassini herself and consists in the trick used by the prosecutor to transmit an investigation of prostitution to the person responsible for the mafia crimes. The substitute was used Sangermano, who worked with Forno on sexual offenses but had applied to join the anti-mafia pool. So the young prosecutor was forced to drag into the office of Ilda Boccassini the dossier on Berlusconi. Who in the meantime was completely unaware of what was happening, also because (ah the curse of the Ambrosian style!) He was investigated for six months without remembering to inform him. Soon the “snowball”, as Palamara will define it in the book written with Sallusti, will become unstoppable. Also because the prosecutor Bruti Liberati seeks political coverage in the magistrates’ union, and “.. asks a Giuseppe Cascini, his contact person in the Anm junta, the solidarity of the entire category “.

But there is more, the same Palamara it will also involve the Quirinale, concluding: “So, once again, I proceed as expected: solidarity communications to my Milanese colleagues and all the rest that we know well”. Need anything else? Eleven years have passed. After five and three trials Silvio Berlusconi was acquitted. Meantime Bruti Liberati and also Ilda Boccassini they retired, he arrived Francesco Greco and he finished his career too. Never “Ruby processes”, And two and three, seem to never end. The leader of Come on Italy continues to bring home acquittals, one after the other, but the “Milanese fort” seems insatiable. It is there that the “guarantor of ignorance” drinks, who cannot read sentences or even the penal code. Get over it, Marcolino, you won’t be able to make it further this time either.

Italian politician and journalist, she was a deputy of the Italian Republic in the 11th, 12th and 13th legislatures.

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Tiziana Maiolo

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