what changes from December 6th? Let’s Clarify the New Decree of the Draghi Government »ILMETEO.it

what changes from December 6th? Let’s Clarify the New Decree of the Draghi Government »ILMETEO.it
what changes from December 6th? Let’s Clarify the New Decree of the Draghi Government »ILMETEO.it

SUPER GREEN PASS: what changes from December 6th? Let’s Clarify the New Decree of the Draghi Government

The SUPER Green PASS arrives from December 6thThe Super Green Pass arrives from 6 December. The Council of Ministers approved the
green certificate valid only for people vaccinated or cured of COVID.
Even in the white area, if the tampon is enough to go to work or on public transport, it will not be enough to enter the ristorante o in
gym. And in the regions that will pass in yellow or orange zone the restrictions will apply only to the unvaccinated. In addition, there is a squeeze on controls and the obligation to vaccinate also for all school and law enforcement personnel, as well as health care.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi underlined:“The decision serves to save Christmas, prevent the growth of infections, give certainty to tourism operators and all economic activities. We want to keep the normality conquered today, we don’t want risks. Vwe want to continue to be open, go out and have fun, shop, fight poverty, having the kids at school, happy “.

What will change then? The decree law, as also reported by the newspaper Republic, plans to extend
the obligation to vaccinate at the third dose for health professionals starting from 15 December neighbor and with the exclusion of the possibility of being assigned to different tasks. Furthermore, please note that it is already permittedor the advance of the third dose 5 months after the second. After the health categories, the vaccination obligation is also extended to the whole school staff and that of the defense sector, safety and public aid.

The duration of validity of the Green Pass is reduced from the current 12 to 9 months.
The Green Pass obligation is extended to further sectors: hotels, changing rooms for sporting activities, regional and interregional rail transport services, local public transport services.
Starting from December 6 comes the Super Green Pass: it will be valid only for those who are vaccinated or cured of COVID and will be used to access activities that would otherwise be subject to restrictions in the yellow zone. The scopes are the shows, the sport events, the
indoor catering, parties, discos, public ceremonies.
In case of passage in the orange area, restrictions and limitations do not apply to everyone, but the activities can only be accessed by holders of the enhanced Super Green Pass. In the white area, however, the normal Green Pass will also be valid, the one obtainable with the negative pad, to access outdoor restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and sports activities in general.

As for the masks the government did not intervene, so the provisions in force up to now apply: in white area the mask it is not mandatory outdoors, but it must be worn in all closed places other than your home, including public transport (airplanes, trains, buses) and in all situations where interpersonal distancing cannot be guaranteed or where gatherings are possible. And instead mandatory even outdoors in the yellow areas, Orange e rossa.

Finally, both the types and the duration of the tests are confirmed for the purposes of the Green Pass. The Certificate remains valid in case of a negative molecular swab carried out in the preceding 72 hours or rapid in the preceding 48 hours.

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