The minutes pop up: everything that doesn’t go back to the Scanzi caregiver’s fable

The minutes pop up: everything that doesn’t go back to the Scanzi caregiver’s fable
The minutes pop up: everything that doesn’t go back to the Scanzi caregiver’s fable

He said Scanzi last March: “a lot of bullshit” was written about me. The hoax, on the other hand, could have said it himself (without his knowledge, of course). Remember the story of Andrea the good son who helps his parents, the intrepid chronicler capable of obtaining a dose of Astrazeneca when hardly anyone could find one? There. He said that he proposed himself as a “vaccine benchman”, that he followed General Figliuolo’s suggestion not to waste the vials, that he subscribed to an “unwritten” list (sic!) To get those doses that at the end of the evening risked being be thrown away. All fair, assured the reporter. Indeed: “A large part of the Italians should have thanked me” for the enormous courage in undergoing the serum in those days considered as a poison. Did you have to be part of some specific categories to obtain the pro privilege? He had no doubts: he was fully part of it as “caregiver familiare, the only child of young parents but unfortunately fragile due to medical records that I am not going to tell you about “. Well, good, applause. It is a pity, however, that today a not insignificant detail arises: namely that Scanzi caregiver it wasn’t at all.

“I am a caregiver”

Let’s make order. And let’s go back to that March of 2021. Around the 20th of the month our Andrea makes a direct Facebook in which he explains to the city and the world that he was vaccinated the day before. These are days in which not even the 80-year-olds, the most penalized by Covid-19, are still completely covered and in which the 70-year-olds do not even see the shadow of a serum. But he manages to get the dose injected: a bombshell, which in fact sets off an uproar. At the time, Scanzi explains the lucky coincidence as follows: it was enough to say “to your GP” that he wanted to propose you as a “bench attendant” and if he “deemed you suitable, he reported your name to the head of the vaccination plan” who then called you in case of availability . The next day, with the storm still in progress, the journalist from the detox clinic specifies his position better. And in a post he reaffirms the concept: the ASL deemed him suitable because “being an only child and being considered by the Local Health Authority caregiver familiare” (aridaje) and “having two parents in the fragile category, I could still have vaccinated myself thanks to a regional ordinance”. Did you hear that right?

The case of Scanzi’s homonymy

Great. It must be said that the ASL had also provided more or less the same version: Scanzi had been “reported by his doctor to the Director of the Aretina District Area, Evaristo Giglio, as caregiver of one of the parents under the law 104 “. The open investigation into the case is moving towards archiving (tomorrow the hearing in which the investigating judge will decide what to do), with the prosecutor convinced that Scanzi did not have the right to the serum but that there are no crimes. Something, however, does not add up in the stories of those directly involved. L’Adnkronos he got his hands on the interrogation reports and on the information in which the military clarifies that the journalist “does not reside with his parents, who are self-sufficient” and does not “assist them or neither of them has ever asked to be recognized as disabled serious, pursuant to law 104 “. In conclusion: he could not be considered a caregivera requirement that was essential for vaccination purposes at the time it took place. But how is it possible, then, that Scanzi was included in that blessed list? And here the mystery arises: “The documentation” attesting to the serious disability of Scanzi’s mother, presented by Dr. Giglio to the investigators, actually corresponds to “a homonymous one”. In short, the USL would have made a mistake, considering Scanzi the caregiver that in reality he is not. Look at the case.

The SMS Scanzi-Usl

The chronology of what happened, meanwhile, becomes clearer. In February Scanzi informs his GP of his desire to inoculate himself Astrazeneca and doctor Romizi puts him in contact with Giglio, whom the journalist calls closely. (Small parenthesis: it is normal that the director of the local health authority chat with a patient? How many mere mortals could have enjoyed the same privilege?). Doctor Giglio would have been the one to organize the blitz at the vaccination center, after some exchanges of text messages with the general practitioner (“I haven’t been able to insert it yet because he is a well-known person … I have to arrange him in complete safety”) and with same Scanzi. At 3.43 pm on March 15, Giglio wrote to the reporter: “Don’t make any commitments on Wednesday afternoon. Tomorrow I will let you know the time. As a precaution, given its notoriety, we move to the district of Monte San Savino. Some doses should be left over”. Scanzi replies: “Okay. But I have a commitment that cannot be postponed from 15.30 to 17. So I could in the late afternoon”. The idea of ​​avoiding the spotlight pleases Scanzi (“Giustissimo Monte San Savino. Thanks”) and the doctor sets the appointment: “I think after 5 pm … I would have thought of going together with the excuse of a cognitive inspection by a newspaper and advancing the dose we passed the vaccine.… “. On March 19 the caregiver of himself gets the coveted dose of Astrazeneca. Are you sure it was all “according to the rules” and without “taking away” the vaccine from anyone?

Who indicated you as a caregiver?

The doubt perhaps remains. According to the military, in fact, the day when Scanzi got immunized they did not appear “advanced doses, taking into account that the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine made it possible to use doses contained in vials already started also the following day “. Who, then, was the serum stolen from? The nurse who welcomed Scanzi, in fact, explained to the investigators that that day his name and that of “the lawyer were not on the paper list that was given to me in the morning.” In addition, Giglio informed the nurse of the arrival of the journalist “to be vaccinated” already “in the early afternoon”, when usually the evaluation of the remaining vials was done “towards the end of the day”. Once the inoculation was done, then the “problem” would arise of justifying why the dose had been assigned to him and not to someone else. “Not knowing how to do it – has the health worker put on the record – I called Giglio by phone to get information on how to conclude the vaccination process and the doctor at this point asked me which categories of the drop-down menu were that the system allowed and I I listed them all. At the moment I said the word ‘caregiver’, Giglio told me to insert it between them and so I did. “The director of the USL defended himself: he said that on the phone Scanzi told him about his parents, he assured him that he had checked and only realized when the bubo exploded that Scanzi “was not in the least the caregiver of his parents.” He felt so “used and deceived”.

The media patatrac

The day after the vaccination, or March 20, 2021, Scanzi receives a phone call from Dr. Giglio, worried about the media chaos generated by the news of the vaccination. “At 9.30 in the morning, Giglio called me to tell me that my post had created problems for him both politicians and within the Usl to which they belong – says the journalist – and asked me if I assisted elderly people and specifically my parents “. The point is burning.” I did not assist my parents – explains Scanzi to the carabinieri – but I made it known that both were in a position to be considered fragile due to previous pathologies “. And this is where the misunderstanding, if we can call it that, of the caregiver would be born. Giglio would have told Scanzi “that I was in all respects a caregiver and that my vaccination was no longer a problem. In fact, in the following days he himself repeated to me several times, in the face of my perplexities in the face of media controversy that was born, the absolute correctness of the vaccination procedure to which I had been subjected precisely because it fell into the aforementioned category “. He, in short, would” never have absolutely communicated to Giglio, before being vaccinated, the condition of fragile people “of the parents , a circumstance of which he would have spoken “exclusively” with the general practitioner in a “telephone call on March 4”. Doctor Romizi, however, swears he never reported it to Giglio. In short: a great chaos, which may not have criminal charges, but which creates some embarrassment. caregiver its unsavory.

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