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Telecom: rumor about alternative project to KKR offer

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Telecom Italia Ftse Mib Vivendi CDP (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti)

Telecom Italia goes back after yesterday’s rebound without finding support in the press rumors. What’s cooking in the pot?

Yesterday’s rebound was short-lived for Telecom Italia, which lost ground again within a few hours.

Telecom Italia goes back after yesterday’s rebound

The title reacted after four consecutive sessions in the red and gained over a percentage point yesterday, only to turn back today.

As we write, Telecom Italia changes hands at € 0.46, with a decrease of 1.22% and over 55 million shares traded so far, against the average of the last 30 days of approximately 223 million.

Telecom: contacts between Vivendi and CDP for alternative progress

Telecom Italia remains under the lens in the wake of some press indications: today Repubblica and La Stampa, which are part of the same publishing group, report yesterday’s contacts between Vivendi and CDP.

The meetings according to Repubblica would be aimed at defining a common strategy to allow a better enhancement of Telecom Italia.

La Stampa takes up the idea, already formulated in the past, that this can pass from a complete reshuffle of the board, in order to have a more consistent representation with the shares.

However, an agreement on this issue would require CDP / Vivendi to undertake a takeover bid or an uncertain shareholders’ meeting if there were not a preliminary agreement between the two major shareholders of TIM.

Telecom: the press rumors and the comments of Equita SIM

On the alternative project to be proposed, La Stampa hypothesizes the separation of consumer customers from TIM, with an operation that would leave all the infrastructural part in the hands of the former monopolist (the mobile network, the domestic and international fixed network, the data centers, the cybersecurity) and also corporate clients.

This hypothesis, according to Equita SIM analysts, would have the defect of probably blocking the single network scenarios in any case, because TIM would remain partially vertically integrated and require the definition of a service contract between ServiceCo and TIM, all to be verified.

It would not only concern services that are mostly already regulated today as in the case of spin-offs of the fixed network.
While waiting for news, Equita SIM analysts are not unbalancing on Telecom Italia, reiterating the “hold” recommendation, with a target price of 0.32 euros.

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Telecom rumor alternative project KKR offer

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