Rome invaded by waste. Second bonus Ama for garbage collectors

Rome invaded by waste. Second bonus Ama for garbage collectors
Rome invaded by waste. Second bonus Ama for garbage collectors

Rome is increasingly dirty and the extraordinary cleaning plan wanted by the mayor Gualtieri citizens are waiting for the results. However, the quarrels between the unions and theBut, the company that manages the garbage collection on behalf of Roma Capitale.

The Mayor Pd had promised that he would be able to clean the city by Christmas. To do so, once elected, he relied on a productivity bonus of 360 euros for employees who are always present, excluding rest periods and holidays provided for by law, from 22 November to 9 January. Then, 260 euros for those missing 3 days and 200 for those missing 5. The agreement, we recall, was signed by Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Fiadel.

But now that Christmas is just over 20 days away and this measure does not seem to be enough, here it comes another bonus for garbage collectors. After controversy and negotiations, a second agreement has been reached, that is, as reported by the Corriere, the incentives of last year are reconfirmed. These the digits: 75 euros more, compared to the ordinary holiday, for those who work at Christmas, another 75 for the New Year, and then 35 euros for Epiphany and 35 for Boxing Day, with a final bonus of 100 euros for those who started available all four days. In addition, if the clean Rome goal and the reduction in the absence rate are achieved, another bonus of 10% is also provided.

The aim of this agreement is that Rome does not end up, as has often happened in recent years, to appear unpresentable during the holidays. Even more so today that there are new plants and new transfer stations. Yet, the bins continue to look like landfills and the Romans and tourists are the losers.

Not all employees Ama, however, agree with these agreements which should avoid absences on the most critical days. First of all the workers of Lila (Ama’s laboratory of ideas) who declare: “We had proposed to reward only the workers who work on the road who are actually loading more tons, a quota – they explain – that could be divided by the days of extraordinary cleaning and paid on the basis of attendance as happens for normal productivity.“.

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