WhatsApp, the trick to reading the address book of others: it’s absurd!

Check a trick on WhatsApp to read the address book of our contacts. So let’s see how users can apply it on the app.

A new trick overturns the application (via screenshot)

WhatsApp even today it is the most used messaging application in the world with over two billion active users. There are several tricks discovered by users to improve the service of the colossus app Meta. One of this allows us to discover the address book of our contacts, so that we also know how our acquaintance saved our contact. In fact we have several precise users who save a contact with name surname and others instead who invent absurd nicknames or nicknames.

To satisfy our curiosity, therefore, there is a very specific trick. Obviously there will be no need neither an application nor a programmer’s wizardry. In fact, just ask the contact in question if he can send us our number on the application. If your acquaintance accepts, then you can find out under what name he saved you in the address book.

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WhatsApp, great news is coming: customizable stickers for all users

New nice update for all users (via screenshot)

WhatsApp it is certainly the most famous messaging application in the world. Indeed they are over 2 billion users active within the service of Meta. Soon a new update will revolutionize the app and allow users more customization. I am coming to WhatsApp the personalized stickers. In fact, to date the “stickers” to be used in chat had to be made through the use of other apps, but soon this one function will become internal.

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This means that users will soon be able to create and edit stickers within the application itself. You can then add a writing or another sticker until the image is cut or a emoji. Thus the app is strengthening its leadership position within the social giant Meta. At the moment the update is only available for web version. But soon Meta will also add it for smartphone iOS e Android.

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